Even the simplest of design can look fancy and elegant just like this quirky yet functional tool from SuckUK, the company that provides a selection of handy novelties and curiosities. Their cordless light bulb, for one, does not need a lamp or electricity for it to work.

Instead, it works on its own. It is a standalone light that runs on a rechargeable battery that gives four hours of continuous illumination on a single charge. It recharges via a Micro-USB cable for 1.5 hours. Best of all, it does not generate heat and electric shocks like those coming from standard electric light bulbs. This means you can hold it in your hand when you’re in need of a handheld torch. It works great as a bedside lamp too or as a decorative piece to add ambiance to any room setting.

This cordless light bulb, however, retains the classic look of filament lamps. It pays homage to the timeless and humble Edison light bulb through the use of over 100 tiny LEDs to recreate the iconic look and feel of the traditional incandescent filament. It uses recyclable glass and lightweight aluminum that is non-corrosive for its construction.

Moreover, it is designed to be slightly bigger for a reason. It may look exactly like those traditional light bulbs. But the bottom part, where you can find the charging port, is larger so you don’t accidentally plug or screw it to a mains light fitting. It feels amazingly light, as light bulbs should be, at barely 1 kilogram.

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Images courtesy of SuckUK