Before we discuss the Volta, what does your style say about you? Does your office, studio, or living room leave an impression? Do clients and guests leave your space with a story to tell? These are crucial questions to ask because the answers might be a hint of how well you do in life. If you are successful, your style makes an impression.

And nothing makes an impression more than the Volta levitating lightbulb by the levitation innovators at Floately. Whether your style is modern or traditional, this cool bulb adds an air of elegance and tranquility to your space. Not only that, but your guests and clients will never forget the time they stepped foot into your office or man cave.

The Embodiment of Outside-the-Box Thinking

What better symbol to draw your guests’ attention to than a lightbulb — the universal symbol for big ideas and forward-thinking.

This makes Volta is a big idea, indeed. It’s not just an attention-grabbing gadget. It’s the future of wireless electricity.

Volta levitates freely while providing a soft, warm glow. Moreover, it receives its power through thin air — no batteries or chargers required.

Wireless electricity is powered by magnetic induction. The bulb contains a wireless electricity receiver, while the wooden base holds an induction unit that sends electricity through the air.

Need a conversation starter? Imagine what your friends and associates will think of you when you explain the basics of wireless electricity via magnetic induction and literally demonstrate it in front of their eyes. Talk about leaving an impression.

Forever Levitation

There’s something about watching Volta levitate and spin slowly through the air that brings clarity of mind.

Whether you’re relaxing with a drink after a long day or getting ready for a big meeting, observing Volta is strangely grounding. It calms the mind and pulls you away from your screens so you can enjoy a simple moment — which is usually the very best kind.

Volta’s levitation is powered by electromagnets in the bulb and base unit, so the levitating force will never run out as long as you’re connected to a power outlet.

The bulb is also built to last for years. Its reinforced glass is 10 times tougher than normal bulbs, so you won’t have to worry about cracks or breakage. It also lasts 50 times longer than other lights. Even if you use it every day, it will still last up to 20 years.

But what happens if the power goes out? Volta is constructed with a failsafe magnet that will bring the bulb safely down to the base in the event of an interrupted power source.

Inspiring, Warm Glow

Bright fluorescent lights are not conducive to clear thinking. They have even been shown to cause mental and physical fatigue as well as make people irritable. That’s not how you want to make an impression!

Volta was designed to glow in the “warm” spectrum of light temperature. This is the perfect lighting to release tension from the body while maintaining sharpness of mind. It mimics the soft light that history’s greatest geniuses worked under—including Alexander Volta himself.

Versatile and Functional

While Volta is certainty a conversation piece, it can also be a functional source of lighting for your home or office.

Its long-lasting LED lighting makes a great addition to:

To use volta, simply plug it in, turn it on, and hold it above the base until you feel the magnetic grip. When you get the hang of it, you can give it a spin and watch it rotate in thin air.

Elevate Your Style for 33% Off

As can see, Volta is much more than a lightbulb.

And most of all, it leaves a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.

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Beautifully designed from mahogany wood and built to last decades, Volta will show your friends, family, and associates who you really are: smart, stylish, and most of all, illuminated.

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