Over the years, automobiles have seen a big jump in innovation. These upgrades make modern vehicles safer, drive faster, handle better, and reduce environmental impact. All the aforementioned elements can be found on most EVs and improvements are not stopping anytime soon. The humble tire is often a neglected piece of modern technology that plays an important role while we drive. It’s responsible for transferring all that power into traction as it pushes our machines forward. Continental is hoping to make some cutting-changes with the Conti C.A.R.E Smart Tire System.

Getting a flat tire is never a fun situation during your travels. Replacing the deflated one with a spare is not an easy task. Under the blazing sun or in a freezing snowstorm, nobody wants to be outside servicing their vehicles. In hindsight, there are innovative concepts out there that have great potential to replace the classic pneumatic rubbers. However, these have yet to undergo a lot of testing before any of them become the new standard.

The industry is likewise exploring the feasibility of self-driving vehicles. And a flat tire is one of the many problems that impede implementation. Requiring passengers to step down and manually replace the wheels ruins the futuristic experience. Thus, Continental wants to help by automating the process. The Conti C.A.R.E Smart Tire System will feature sensors that can detect tire pressure and use a pumping system to regulate everything to recommended specifications. Just remember that properly inflated tires are safer, lasts longer, and boosts fuel economy on the road.

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Images courtesy of Continental