Even if hardcore enthusiasts will tell you that what makes a watch so special is the movement, we believe that presentation is likewise as essential. Given that while wearing one, what immediately draws attention is the overall aesthetics of the timepiece. Therefore, we can say that most of us here personally love models that are show off its intricacies for all to see. Perhaps CODE41 shares a similar sentiment as we take a look at the X41 Edition 4.

Let’s talk about the stealthy black 42 mm case, which CODE41 crafts from AeroCarbon. Aerospace buffs know that this material boasts impressive durability yet remains lightweight. In fact, unless you are aware, it can likely be mistaken for metal instead of a composite. The watchmaker sources it from a French factory that caters to special manufacturing methods.

Another notable feature is the lack of the Swiss-Made marking despite its assembly in Switzerland. CODE41 confirms that the X41 Edition 4 uses premium components from the country, but discloses where everything else comes from. Thus, owners will find an engraving on the rotor that reads TTO, which stands for Total Transparency on Origin. Details surround this process are available on their website.

The open-worked dial of the X41 Edition 4 is definitely its most stunning feature. Aside from the visible inner workings, the grande date complication is the highlight of the dial. You can find it just below the 12 o’clock marker. The hands and indices use Super LumiNova coating for visibility under low-light conditions. CODE41 even. offers a wealth of personalization options which not many high-end brands do.

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Images courtesy of CODE41