As a whole, the transportation industry is shifting from fossil fuel to emission-free alternatives. Solar energy probably comes to mind, but the technology is still not feasible to power most vehicles. We are seeing plenty of automobiles undergo electrification but only a few motorcycles receive a similar treatment. Thankfully scouring the net yields the Falcon BLK from Cleveland Cyclewerks, which presents an ample blend of traditional looks and cutting-edge tech.

Before the debut of its first all-electric two-wheeler, Cleveland Cyclewerks dabbles in conventional models. The company targets your average consumer that does not require overkill performance. Hence their rides boast modest specifications that can take you from point A to point B. Meanwhile, the latest machine to roll off the assembly line keeps its core features intact minus the impact on our environment.

The shop is crafting the Falcon BLK for consumers who want a low-maintenance urban transport. However, it’s entirely up to the owner if they want to push things to the limit on the highway. The base configuration relies on a 2.2 kWh battery that can push it forward up to 27 miles per hour. By default, this is for safety purposes, but you can always toggle off-road mode to push it up to 65 miles per hour.

With the Falcon BLK, the battery capacity gets a bump to 4.60 kWh. This gives you a maximum speed of a little over 85 miles per hour. The 17.5-horsepower clutchless direct drive motor of its all-electric powertrain produces 29 lb-ft of torque. A full charge is enough for a range of 180 miles, which seems like a good number in our opinion. Only 20 examples will be available for purchase, but the regular model should be available anytime.

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Images courtesy of Cleveland Cyclewerks