Once again, Las Vegas hosts the annual Consumer Electronics Show and manufacturers were ready with their latest tech. Samsung made a huge splash with an upgrade to its The Wall TV with a 219-inch behemoth this time around. Televisions of that magnitude are definitely going to carry a prohibitive price, which only the insanely rich can afford. So, for us humble folk, we can either go for something within our budget. A 50 to 70-inch model seems within reach, but we can also go for something a tad different. If you desire a cinema-grade experience without shelling out major bucks, then the Cinera video headset might be the solution.

The device is what the company describes as an immersive solution for your home theater needs and more. It runs on Google’s Android operating system and supports various functions. Firstly, it is an immersion machine that simulates being in a movie theater with its 66-degree field of view. At first glance, it looks like your typical virtual reality headset. However, its primary purpose is to provide a viewing experience comparable to an IMAX-certified cinema.

This is made possible through the headset’s dual 2.5k screens for each eye. This reportedly ensures that the quality and resolution of the video is visually outstanding. Moreover, its versatile nature allows you to use it in several ways. Since it uses the Android platform, you can download various movie streaming apps directly on the device. The huge display it simulates ultimately puts all other mobile devices to shame. Moreover, the included burden-free highly-adjustable ergonomic arm makes it very comfortable to use for long periods of time. Cinera is certainly something that movie-lovers should seriously consider as their next purchase.

Images courtesy of Cinera

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