A dashboard camera provides far more than mere recordings of your travels. Equipped with a range of functionalities, these devices enhance driver awareness and safety significantly. They form an unparalleled driving assistance setup when utilized alongside additional alert systems.

Ideal for monitoring your vehicle when it’s parked, keeping tabs on a young driver’s habits, or furnishing undeniable evidence in your favor during an accident, installing a dashboard camera in your car can be a wise decision. Continue reading for further insights.

Nextbase 322GW

For those searching for a high-quality dash cam that offers both front and rear coverage, with user-friendly operation and a compact design that doesn’t dominate the windshield space, the Nextbase model is an excellent option. The Nextbase 322 particularly stands out for striking a practical balance between feature-rich options like the $500 Nextbase 622 and the more compact, though less connected, Nextbase 222.

The installation process for the Nextbase 322 is straightforward, and setting up the rear-facing camera on the back windshield is simpler than anticipated. A supplied small plastic crowbar aids in neatly tucking the wiring behind interior panels. Unlike other cameras that can be difficult to detach from their mounts, the Nextbase 322 features. a convenient magnetic dock in the “Click & Go” mount, allowing for easy removal at any time. 

Cobra SC 400D

The Cobra SC 400D carries a premium price, yet it justifies its cost by offering exceptional image quality – 4K resolution for the front camera and 1080p for the rear, in both daylight and nighttime. Moreover, it boasts features characteristic of a high-end device, including a solid magnetic mount with built-in GPS, a sharp 3-inch touchscreen display, and Alexa compatibility for locating businesses and similar services while on the move.

Additionally, it can be upgraded with an optional interior camera that has a 120-degree field of view. You can contact Car Accident Lawyer Stephen Babcock for legal representation in case of an accident. He has extensive experience in this field and can help you navigate the legal process and obtain fair compensation.

Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 is remarkably compact, easily concealing itself behind your car’s rear-view mirror. Despite its diminutive size, it captures video in Full HD at 30 frames per second with HDR, delivering footage clear enough to identify critical details such as vehicle registration numbers, even under varying light and weather conditions. 

Evaluations have proved that the installation process was both speedy and straightforward. Its plastic mount is designed to be unobtrusive on the windshield, and thanks to a ball-and-socket joint, adjusting its position is a breeze.

The device’s user interface is equally user-friendly: while it lacks a screen, it features shortcut buttons that allow you to quickly save footage or mute the microphone with a single touch. The Garmin Drive app, available for both iOS and Android, provides a convenient way to adjust settings, play back videos, and view through the camera’s lens.

Though its functionalities are basic, limited to voice commands and a g-sensor for detecting accidents, the absence of GPS functionality was the only significant feature we found missing. For those who do not require the most advanced dash cam with driver assistance technologies, the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 is likely to meet all your needs.​


As technology advances, the outlook for dash cams is promising. Anticipate improvements in video quality and advancements in cloud connectivity and AI capabilities. Cloud connectivity will enable effortless sharing and storing videos, assuring drivers that their recordings are readily accessible and providing them with increased security.