Amazon’s smart devices are already in so many homes these days. However, the online retail giant is targeting other segments with new products. In fact, it wants to integrate more tech into your car. After the Echo Show, we now have the Ring Car Cam. If your ride does not come with one out of the factory, consider this nifty accessory.

Even if you are confident in your driving skills, there are always other factors out of your control that may lead to accidents. As such, dash cameras are becoming ubiquitous among vehicles to record footage of the road ahead. Depending on the model, some even have inward-facing units that capture videos of the cabin and its occupants.

The Ring Car Cam is manufactured by Amazon’s subsidiary which also supplies homes with smart doorbells. As such, you can expect intuitive features and user-friendly functions. It debuted along with other innovative gadgets at CES 2023 and is currently in preorder status for $199.99.

It ships with a mount and attaches to the dashboard close to the windshield. The Ring Car Cam connects to the OBD-II port for power and other diagnostics. Also, Amazon recommends that the interface must be on the left side of the steering wheel. This ensures that the cables do not interfere with your range of movement while driving.

Dual-facing wide-angle HD cameras with night vision records at the same time for comprehensive details in the event of a break-in or accident. It can connect to Wi-Fi or mobile networks to push notifications to your smartphone. The Ring Car Cam supports Live View + Two-Way Talk for hands-free communication. Lastly, a privacy cover disables the microphone and blocks the cabin-facing camera.

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Images courtesy of Ring/Amazon