Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, tech is becoming even more portable. As such, laptops and tablets are becoming the go-to platforms for mobile productivity. However, depending on the user’s preference, a trackpad or mouse is the way to go. To enhance the experience, the CheerPod might be a gadget we did not know we needed. What looks like a stylish power bank is actually a multi-function device. Furthermore, it is also a winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award.

Considering that we sometimes find ourselves in need of an all-in-one accessory for work and presentation, the CheerPod packs all the essentials. The manufacturer describes it as a “go-anywhere air mouse and presentation tool. By the looks of it, we can agree that it delivers exactly what it advertises. Moreover, its highly pocketable nature makes it a breeze to bring along.

The company behind this project is CheerDots and it introduces a versatile product in a sleek form factor. it boasts full-functionality as a mouse, touchpad, and laser pointer among others. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and most Smart TV operating system. We find it cool that users can just switch from Ground Mode to Air Mode instantaneously. This feature is handy for gesture controls.

The CheerPod connects via Bluetooth 5.0, measures 67 x 36 x 10.8 mm, and weighs only 33 grams. The aviation-grade aluminum alloy body makes it resistant to wear and adds a premium touch. Meanwhile, the 450 mAh battery fully charges in just an hour and promises a 20-day battery life. Out of the box, buyers get the device, a carrying pouch, and a USB Type-C cable for charging.

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Images courtesy of CheerDots