Gentle Monster has collaborated with legendary fashion icon Alexander Wang on a new range of luxury eyewear, nicknamed the “CEO” lineup. The pieces were initially shown off at Wang’s FW18 presentation this past February, featuring fully acetate frames with CEO decals on the temples.

The CEO sunglasses were one of the main highlights of Wang’s show, which is saying something considering practically every piece you see in a Wang show deserves its own headline. The CEO glasses are available in three colorways: red, yellow, and black. Along with the CEO label, each pair also shows off Alexander Wang x Gentle Monster branding.

If you want to get more specific, here are the details: The front of the frame measures 144.8mm, while the side is a tad bit longer at 151.2mm. The lens are 51mm wide and 28.7mm high. You can get one now for $295 apiece.

As for the aesthetic of the CEO Sunglasses, there’s nothing special here. Make no mistake — they’re still very pretty sunglasses, and having Wang’s name on each one guarantees that. But you won’t be getting experimental shapes here. They’re pretty much vanilla, with rectangular shape lenses and a subtle cat eye. If you want to be a bit more risky, you can check Gentle Monster and Wang’s other collaborations, such as the disc-shaped Hackerzack, and the butterfly wings-shaped Animal X. There’s also the Solaris 02, which carries enough peculiarity to turn heads as you parade it around the metropolis. Either way, you’re definitely going to look cool wearing any of these, so what are you waiting for?