After two previous successful endeavours, Aether and SALT have teamed up again for another collaboration in eyewear. What is the result this time? A brand new pair of aviator sunglasses given the moniker Voyage.

This slick frame has something of an industrial feel to it that performs well in inclement and poor weather conditions without compromising on design or style. This limited edition has been constructed for adventure and every minute detail has been considered. Fine craftsmanship and premium design come together in this neat and compact package.

The bridge consists of a memory metal and a top bar that places almost no pressure on your brow or bridge. This gives the frame enough flexibility during action-packed activities and will always return back to its original form and shape. With vented shields on the sides, your eyes are given room to breathe, and peripheral light which can be a distraction is blocked out.

Now you may be asking yourself if you really need another pair of sunglasses, but just look at the pictures and we are sure you will agree that you need these in your life.

At just under 700 bucks, they are a great investment!

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