If you’re the type who needs two phones: one for work and the other for personal stuff, then the CELLSNAPP! is for you. This small gear attaches two phones together so you can bring them as one on the go.

This device uses an array of powerful neodymium magnets and industrial 3M adhesive that attaches to the back of your phone or phone case. The magnets ensure the phones stay stuck together so it doesn’t fall off until you pull them apart with force. The magnets are ultra-thin so they cut down on bulk and heft. It only measures 2.85 x 2.85 x 0.15 inches and weighs 0.176 ounces. This way your two phones can still fit inside your back pocket.

The CELLSNAPP! also offers dual functionality. It moves in a 360-degree direction for a full range of motion so it does not limit your use on both phones. You can take photos with the other and be on video call on one. It is that convenient and efficient.

Moreover, the powerful magnets adhefre very well to a metal surface too. This is especially helpful when you have your hands full or want hands-free use (in a way). It snaps strongly to the surface just as it does to the back of your other phone. Suffice to say, it works great as a phone mount too.

The CELLSNAPP! likewise makes it convenient when you don’t want to lose or misplace your phones while on vacation. You can easily snap them together for easy packing and unpacking. For lack of other better things to do, you can use this device as a fidget spinner too.

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Images courtesy of CELLSNAPP!