We recently finished working on an awesome buyer’s guide that showcased one of the toughest combat-ready watches available. MTM might be responsible for engineering some of the most rugged tactical timepieces out there. Meanwhile, a name that is synonymous with insane durability wants to make a statement before the year ends. Enter the G-SHOCK MRG-B2000SH which Casio calls the Shougeki-Maru. Apparently, the renowned Japanese watchmaking outfit is drawing inspiration from a samurai’s helmet (kabuto).

The Shougeki-Maru will likely be a hit among individuals who love to own items with a distinctly Japanese aesthetic. In fact, any discerning watch collector can see that this new entry into the Casio’s MR-G lineup is one awesome tribute to Japan’s feudal past. The outstanding features of this unique G-SHOCK model lie in the elaborate craftsmanship it comes with.

According to the manufacturer, the engraving was hand-carved by a metalsmith who specializes in a technique called chasing. The outline is of a dragon which starts from the 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock section of the bezel. Moreover, the pattern on the metal is the result of a special die that simulates the look of rusted steel. Equally notable is the treatment process the Shougeki-Maru’s titanium case and band undergo to produce the navy blue accents that contrast the brown AIP.

Overall, everything gives the G-SHOCK MRG-B2000SH a striking appearance many will love. Casio is truly a world-class brand that regularly introduces outstanding and durable watches. It’s clear the attention to detail the Shougeki-Maru flaunts will resonate as an artisan’s pride and joy. Therefore, those who have the opportunity and means to own one should not skip this exclusive MR-G.

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Images courtesy of Casio