The watches under Casio’s G-SHOCK range are familiar the world over as rugged and lightweight timekeepers that can handle a boatload of abuse. However, its construction normally uses impact-resistant polymers. On some occasions, there are a few dashes of metal components here and there. Some variations also sport scratch-resistant mineral glass to keep its dial clear. This is the same formula that the Japanese company has been using over the years, but things are shaking up with the introduction of the new Casio G-SHOCK G-STEEL.

Fans of the durable wristwatch series have seen both digital and analog versions come out, but we personally prefer the latter. So it’s no surprise that we are immediately hooked by the new model’s presentation. Casio reveals that the new G-STEEL sports a stylish carbon bezel that remarkably looks upscale paired to its metallic case. It bears a familiar form factor that longtime G-SHOCK owners should be familiar with. The combination of the interwoven carbon fiber pattern, black, silver, and metallic blue accents exude a sophisticated appeal.

This solar-powered watch keeps its dial protected and scratch-free through a sapphire lens. The overall construction reportedly meets the G-SHOCK family’s tough standards. Moreover, the new G-STEEL features Bluetooth wireless connectivity to pair with your smartphone and update its settings accordingly. Casio did a great job to elevate the quality and design that leaves you with a resilient but elegant timepiece.

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