Shortly after celebrating the 25th anniversary of its MR-G collection with another samurai-themed timepiece, Casio is not about to rest on its laurels just yet. With all the buzz surrounding Google’s plans for its wearable operating system, the Japanese brand welcome another G-SHOCK smartwatch collection that runs Wear OS. Also, they’re calling it the G-SQUAD PRO.

This is not the company’s first foray into the smart wearable market. Casio has been offering connected watches for quite some time now. Moreover, a while back, its outdoor-ready PRO TREK lineup also welcomed Wear OS Versions. Anyway, the G-SQUAD PRO is a cutting-edge device with unparalleled durability.

True to its G-SHOCK label, this smartwatch is engineered to survive almost anything. Every other Wear OS smartwatch from its competitors, cannot hope to match the rugged construction of the G-SQUAD PRO. The chunky exterior of the case ensures superior shock resistance and up to 20-bar water resistance.

A close-up look at the Urethane resin structure and sections of the strap shows a honeycomb pattern. Meanwhile, the caseback is titanium with an additional titanium carbide finish to withstand abrasions. Casio equips it with an array of sensors for activities, health, and more.

Built-in GPS lets users accurately track their location and receive additional insights during their outdoor workouts. Wear OS is known as a battery hog, which is why Casio goes for a dual-layer display to conserve power. The G-SHOCK G-SQUAD PRO is available in three colorways. You can get the smartwatch in black, black/blue, and black/red.

Buy – $700

Images courtesy of Casio