Among the sustainable mobility concepts that are gradually growing in popularity are motorcycles. Perhaps, consumers are aware that most carmakers already have electrification roadmaps in place for the coming years. Thus, people are probably more curious about what the two-wheel scene has to offer in near future. This time we have the DATbike and its refreshing silhouette.

So far, most of the zero-emission models we usually see go for unnecessarily complicated profiles. Carota Design, on the other hand, approaches things in a minimalist way with just a pinch of the avant-garde for good measure. While other artists opt for superbikes and café racers, this one presents an electric dirt bike.

Since weight is a major factor that influences handling, the DATbike goes for a utilitarian form factor. As such fairings are virtually non-existent as the Vietnamese studio endows it with a simple frame. The most striking feature here is the hollow section where a fuel tank usually goes on a regular motorcycle.

Judging by its shape, this shouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of the moto. Carota Design then strategically mounts the battery in a location that provides a lower center of gravity. This improves the stability of the DATbike. Meanwhile, the upside-down forks and rear mono-shock should keep things comfortable for the rider.

Furthermore, there appears to be ample ground clearance which is essential on rough surfaces. However, what doesn’t add up are the slicks that wrap around its wheels. Maybe Carota Design is implying that the DATbike is an adaptable platform for both the tracks and the trails.

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Images courtesy of Carota Design