The Carbon Trainer lets you sneak a workout into your daily routine. Its main goal is as a fitness machine. But it also works as a touch-screen mirror thus constantly reminding you to exercise anytime you check yourself out.

This innovative machine uses AI-powered 3D motion capture to track reps, weights, and body form. It also helps track user technique and lets you know when you need to do better. The AI likewise tells you real-time when you need to take a rest so you don’t burn yourself out. It even tracks the total weight lifted so you have a progressive fitness report at your disposal.

Built by a team of CrossFit coaches, trainers, and other fitness experts, the Carbon Trainer provides all the workout you need to stay toned, strong, build muscle, or lose fat. It can guide you with your CrossFit reps, conditioning, and take you to strength and resistance training, and even yoga. Similar to other AI-powered home fitness machines, the Carbon Trainer also encourages users to take on challenges as motivation to do more or better.

Best of all, this fitness machine allows users to connect wireless sensors to personal workout equipment for more accurate data like the total weight lifted, reps. and more. These sensors work with dumbells, kettlebells, plates, and more. It even has a built-in microphone for hands-free commands, a speaker to let users hear their workout coach or blast out their workout tunes. It also connects to a fitness watch so it can display real-time heart rate, oxygen levels and more.

The Carbon Trainer boasts a sleek and elegant design with a small footprint and lightweight at just 32 kilograms. It connects via either WiFi, wired, or Bluetooth. It even has a 4k 43″ touchscreen edge-to-edge display to boot.

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Images courtesy of Carbon Trainer