Water is as essential as the clean air that we breathe. In short, it keeps us alive. It’s a different story though when the water is polluted. This is why filtration is important to make it safe for drinking. But when you’re on the go or out on an outdoor adventure, you can’t always find a source of clean water. This is where the CamelBak x LifeStraw Collection comes in. 

CamelBak is bringing their spillproof and leakproof Eddy bottles with upgrades—LifeStraw’s top-notch filters. There’s the Eddy + filtered by Lifestraw Bottle with Tritan Renew in two size options: 32 and 20 ounces and the Eddy + filtered by LifeStraw Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle. 

The regular bottles in the CamelBak x LifeStraw Collection go through a two-step filtration process. Water first passes through LifeStraw’s hollow fiber membrane to remove 99.99 percent of bacteria, microplastics, parasites, sediments, and organic chemical matter. Then it goes up to the ion exchange filter that collects lead, chlorine, and other unwanted chemicals so you get good-tasting water.

The bottles feature CamelBak’s Eddy+Straw cap to make on-the-go drinking easy. They are also made using 50 percent recycled copolyester that is odor and stain-resistant and BPA, BPS, and BPF free. Meanwhile, the vacuum steel goes through the same filtration process and keeps water cold for 30 hours. 

The CamelBak x LifeStraw Collection also includes the Crux Reservoir. Water goes through LifeStraw’s hollow fiber membrane first. Then it uses activated carbon instead of an ion exchange to trap unwanted chemicals inside tiny pores between carbon atoms. It can hold two liters of on-the-go drinking water and features a leak-proof on/off valve and a Quicklink system to your backpack. 

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Images courtesy of CamelBak