It’s daunting to even begin thinking about entering the world of Hi-Fi audio. There are all sorts of super pricey equipment you need to buy, firstly. Plus, the number of audiophiles who’ll gnaw at you for making wrong decisions is endless. No surprise, then, that the audiophile seems like an elite club of highly secretive misanthropes.

But Cambridge Audio wants to make Hi-Fi systems more accessible for a wider range of people. With its latest AX Range, you can take the plunge with little fear going in. Not just because this system is one of the most affordable in the market. But it’s also not as intimidating as other gear.

Perfect for Hi-Fi novices, the Cambridge Audio AX Range consists of two CD players, two integrated amplifiers, and two stereo receivers. All these are fairly priced, mind you. The design takes cues from Cambridge Audio’s more expensive CX range and the upmarket Edge system.

Let’s talk about the parts. The AXC25 CD features one stereo analog RCA output, a remote control, and is available in both Lunar Grey and plain Black. The second CD player is called the AXC35, which has the analog RCA output of the AXC25 but also gets the option of a coaxial digital output.

The two integrated amplifiers are called the AXA25 and the AXA35, the latter of which offers additional connectivity and 35W of output. The final two pieces in the range are a couple of stereo receivers, the AXR85 and AXR100.

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Photos courtesy of Cambridge Audio