It’s easy for companies to claim that their products are sustainable. The adjective is thrown around a lot these days and often allude to the eco-friendly characteristic of the item or service. However, what most of us neglect to consider is manufacturing. CAKE – with the help of Vattenfall – plans to develop a completely fossil-free electric motorcycle.

Most of us think that as long as our daily commute does not involve emissions, we’ve made a contribution to the green initiative. Unfortunately, the production and shipping phase normally involve traditional means. Somebody needs to address this to truly earn the distinction of being carbon neutral.

CAKE is a Swedish marque that produces lightweight electric motorcycles. Its partner in the noble endeavor is European energy outfit Vattenfall. Both sides are eager to share their ideas on how to approach the situation and finally take fossil fuels out of the equation. We’ve seen unique proposals in the past and are eager for more.

While the two come up with specifics, a co-branded concept teases what the future may bring. The image shows a sleek motorcycle with a sizeable battery back within the frame. Judging by the chunky tires, this two-wheeler will tackle any terrain with ease.

Head of Corporate Sustainability at Vattenfall, Annika Ramsköld says, “this collaboration is an excellent example of how we can contribute with fossil-free know-how and supply chain expertise in a specific product that drives towards zero emissions.”

It sounds impossible right now, but CAKE and Vattenfall seem confident of their venture. In fact, the fossil-free electric motorcycle should be ready for mass production in 2025. Unnamed third-party specialists will likewise contribute resources and knowledge to the project.

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Images courtesy of CAKE/Vattenfall