For those who choose to expand their views, the push for emission-free mobility solutions is also gaining a foothold among motorcycles. Even custom builders like Walt Siegl Motorcycles (WSM) are dabbling with battery-powered two-wheelers. His latest appears to be a one-off concept.

Taking all the knowledge he has accumulated from working on the PACT, he is handling another WSM all-electric project. Unlike the classic visage of the former, this yet-unnamed concept bike flaunts a different appeal. Angular frame gives off a futuristic profile, which we know suits the technology within.

For those wondering this electric motorcycle is not heading for mass production. Instead, Siegel, shares that it is a bespoke ride for Haas Moto Museum. Upon completion, the guy commissioning the eco-friendly machine will be likely putting it up for display. The founder of the establishment in question already owns three custom bikes from WSM.

With thin Chromoly tubing as the skeleton, WSM then makes the rear suspension pivot points and steering neck more durable with steel reinforcements. Aluminum inserts are used for the mounting points. Finally, the shop wraps it with carbon fiber and gives it a resin finish.

An Alcantara seat adds just a bit of elegance to an otherwise high-tech platform. The electric bike concept uses a 65V Panasonic battery and 3000W Sur-Ron motor from Luna Cycle.

WSM provided the in-house designed sine-wave controller to keep everything in check. Walt then sources a pair of 19-inch wheels from a Segway Dirt eBike with Bridgestone tires. Only the rear wheel sports a disc cover, while the front shows all of its spokes in full glory.

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Images courtesy of Walt Seigl Motorcycles