When it comes to toy guns, the most realistic models out there are from airsoft brands. Those who love play combat games with a hint of realism can’t go wrong with these toy replicas. On the other hand, Nerf is a brand that’s synonymous with lighthearted matches with friends and family. By default, these showcase outrageous designs coupled with bright colors to distinguish its nature. Normally, we would go for airsoft options for their menacing looks, but some custom Nerf creations from a Singapore-based shop is worth noting. These are the JL Customs Creations Nerf blasters and the collection looks badass.

Instead of the loud colors sported by regular Nerf blasters, these toy firearms can be mistaken for the real thing. What gives them away are the orange tips on each end of the barrel, which is necessary to meet safety regulations. The studio ends up replacing the original colors with military-style finishes that are impressive to look at. Just note that these are still compatible with the regular foam dart ammunition of the original donor toy. You can choose from various paint jobs that strike your fancy to personalize your blaster.

Imagine your hold squad arming themselves with JL Customs Creations Nerf blasters. The intimidation factor alone could spell victory for your team. Let your rivals quiver in their boots as you turn the office or home into a battlefield. The company offers models that look like an M4 Carbine, FN SCAR, and CZ Scorpion. Not all of the items on offer flaunt a realistic appeal, the Lawbringer launcher and Hammer Blaster pistol are clearly oozing a fantasy vibe.

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Images courtesy of JL Customs Creations