hether you’re a start-up owner, a salesman or involved in some other kind of work where sales and leads are the bread and butter of your business, business cards are still incredibly useful and relevant. Even in this modern age of social media accounts, online conferences, webinars and email, the old-fashioned meet, greet and hand over the business card method of networking is still one of the most effective ways to get your name or the name of your company out there. But do you really need a business card holder? Won’t it just get in the way?

If how you and the people who work for you/at the same company as you look is crucial to how the business comes across, especially if you’re in a client or customer-facing role, does the same apply to your business card? Of course, it does! Sometimes business cards are handed out hastily and all that anyone that is given one will remember you by is that little rectangular sheet of laminated card or paper. You can see therefore, that it’s important that you give them the best impression of you, the business and what you can do for them. You want your business card to be professional and attractive. You want clients and customers to give the number noted on it a call or to check out the website or send you an email.

Now, you’ve probably got a sure-fire of a business card – it’s cool, matches the business and draws in leads. That is, when it is in good condition. If you’ve ever carried business cards in your wallet or pocket and tried using them when you meet with different people, you’ll know only too well that the major problem with keeping your cards in these kinds of places is that they get ruined very easily. Maybe not ruined completely, but the corners get frayed and curl up and often those random tears appear. Without proper protection, the wear and tear of even a fancy, well-laminated business card is never going to be very long. Especially if you are whipping them out left, right and center trying to generate leads, make friends and influence people.

That’s where business card holders and cases come into things. As well as protecting your precious marketing tools, they also provide you with a great way to transport a plentiful collection of them, so that you’re never out and about without one close to hand.

Now, in the following guide, from your friends here at Men’s Gear, we’re going to take a comprehensive look at some of the best business card holders and business card cases available on the market. There’s a total of 31 highlighted in this guide, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Before we get down to the business at hand, there’s some important questions we need to answer, that could help you to choose the right business card holder for your own particular needs.

What are the Main Benefits of having a Business Card Holder or Case?

This is a question that a lot of people have nowadays, because there’s a lot of people out there who don’t really see the value in even having business cards. It’s quite simple and been touched on in the introduction to this guide – you always want to put your best foot forward in business, and when networking, there’s nothing worse when you’re struggling to find a business card in your normal wallet or pocket. So, having a specific business card holder helps to eliminate all that unprofessional rummaging round.

What’s more, when you’ve got to rummage around in your bag to find something, it often comes at a price when you eventually find it. That is, your business cards are often looking a little worse for wear. With a business card holder, you obviously don’t have that problem as your precious cards are kept safe and free from damage or wear and tear.

Finally, one of the other main issues of not using a business card holder to store and carry your contact cards in, is the fact that there’s limited real estate in an ordinary wallet or bag. You’ve got space for cash, credit cards, ID and then whatever space is left, that’s often where you fit as many business cards in as you can. You don’t have to with a business card case or holder, as they’ve been purposely made to carry those particular kinds of cards.

Unless you don’t have any use for business cards in your profession, we’d highly recommend most people, particularly those in sales or anything where they’ve got generate leads and face clients and customers, should have a good quality, professional-looking and easy-to-use business card case or holder.

How Many Business Cards Can the Average Holder or Case Hold?

Now, this is another great question. However, it’s also one that does not really have a precise or standard answer. As there’s a multitude of business card holders and cases out there (remember, this list only scratches the surface with its whopping 31 products), there’s also a lot of variety when it comes to card capacity. Looking down our list though, you’ll find that many seem to have the capacity to hold 10 on average, with more expensive ones carrying more and less expensive ones carrying less.

That’s another rule of thumb that can’t actually be applied to all business card holders though – the “pay more for more” school of thinking. As we encountered when reviewing our wide and varied selection below, many that were more expensive had less space than cheaper models. In many situations, it was down to the more reputable and expensive branding or the other functions the case had or just the fact that it was made from seemingly higher quality materials.

The key takeaway from our answer to the above question is simply that there’s a business card case or holder for just about anyone, and if you need one for upwards of 50 cards or just need one that can hold 10, you’ll find what you’re looking for further down the page.

How Easy is it to Store Business Card Holders in My Pocket or on My Desk?

This is an interesting question, because how easy they are to use is one of the things that defines great business card holders and cases. The thing is though, what makes a business card holder easy to use and store cards in that’s going in your pocket will be different from one that’s going to sit on your desk.

Fortunately, there are actually some business card cases and holders made with these uses in mind. Whereas pocket business card holders are designed to be slick, streamlined and portable, desk business card holders may still be subtle, but usually consist of a display stand. That way, when customers or clients are sat at your desk, it’s easy for them to see your card and they have easy access that enables them to just take one and pop it in their own card holder or pocket.

As important, therefore, as the capacity and actual cost of a business card holder or case is, it’s also important to consider where you’re going to be using it most. The best pocket business card case, that keeps your cards safe and in good condition while you are on your daily commute or out and about meeting clients and chasing leads, may not actually be the best when you’re at the office.

Likewise, that fancy business card display holder is evidently not practical for taking out on the field with you. This is why also that you’ll find most businessmen invest in more than one business card holder.

Now that we’ve covered some of the essentials, let’s dig deep and take a look at some of the most awesome, practical and incredibly stylish business card holders on the market right now.

1) Bellroy Micro Sleeve

First up on our mega list of business card holders is the Bellroy Micro Sleeve. Although this is more a wallet, it can be adapted to use for business cards too and can even carry some cash. It’s made from top-grain leather that has been double-tanned following LWG gold-rated environmental guidelines, so that it ages better than leather that’s just been painted on the surface.

It is not incredibly big, but you can still fit between two and four cards into its external slots that can be easily accessed, and there’s additional space on the inside for a couple more.

As noted, this is really more of a wallet, but if you’ve got an important business meeting and just want to take a long enough business cards for all in attendance, then this will probably the do trick nicely and you can even carry some cash and a credit card in it, if necessary.

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  • High-quality leather construction
  • Functional design
  • Very portable
  • Not enough slots for larger quantities of cards


2) Mont Blanc Westside Extreme Card Holder

Now on to this attractive number from Mont Blanc. This is an extremely well-made leather business card holder that has a very subtle carbon and woven look. As well as the internal gusset that has been specially made to hold business cards, there are 2 additional pockets that are ideal for bank cards and credit cards and one extra pocket that can be used in a variety of different ways.

Do you prefer something that is discreet and, dare we say it, plain-looking? Then this Mont Blanc Westside Extreme card holder is perfect. The price tag is the only thing we think may put you off, but really you are paying for the quality material and Italian design and construction. Definitely one you may want to save for those meetings and shindigs with the higher fliers and the top—drawer clients and customers.

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  • Internal business card gusset
  • Space for additional cards
  • Subtle, but professional looking
  • Expensive for what it is


3) Bellroy Card Slip – Designers Edition

Back with Bellroy again, though this time it is for the appropriately named card slip. The designer’s edition in the title refers to the same top-grain leather with LWG gold-rated tanning used in the other Bellroy card holder above. Therefore, this is another high-quality product made with high-quality materials. There’s space in the quick access slots for one to six cards and then a central section that’s revealed when it’s open that can hold additional cards and some cash, if necessary.

We reckon this is a great option if you often find yourself networking in the evening when you are off out for drinks or a meal, as it will fit neatly into your pocket with next to no hassle. The song and dance that can often be the case when you try to rummage around for that business card, you’re sure you put in your wallet last week is done away with something like this and we think it’s beautiful.

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  • Easy to use
  • Well made, from high-quality leather
  • Discreet
  • Would benefit from more space to hold more cards


4) LUMBER by Hacoa Card Case, Stainless wood Accent

LUMBER by Hacoa Card Case is the next on our list and benefits from the aesthetic qualities, like most other LUMBER products, of wood texture and grain. Therefore, this card case has a sophisticated style and appeal that will be eye-catching and a conversation starter without being too OTT for business situations.

What we really love about this card case is that it’s a fraction of the price of many on our list and can hold more cards too, between 16 and 18 to be precise. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective option that is practical and stylish, this is the one for you. That is, if you can add it to your basket and check out before we’ve bought them all. Only kidding…or are we? That wooden finish does look extremely cool, after all.

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  • Bigger capacity than many
  • Sophisticated wood effect
  • Easy access
  • Not great for holding cash


5) Wisdompro 2-Sided PU-Leather Business Card Case

An even less expensive business card holder is this cracking one from Wisdompro (no, we’ve not heard of the company either), that is made from PU-leather, so if you have a conscience about such things, you can sleep soundly keeping your business cards in this. It has an ultra-slim design, but has space for 20 different cards and can be closed used a magnetic closure.

Along with business cards obviously, it can also be used for a wide array of other cards, including credit cards, bank cards, ID cards and even your driver’s license.

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  • Ethically-sourced materials
  • Capacity of up to 20 business cards
  • Can be used for similarly sized cards
  • Hard to move cards in and out of the holder


6) Y&G Fashion Leather PU Minimalist Business Card Case

Another low-priced offering on our list is this fashionable PU-leather business card from Y&G. As well as a synthetic leather construction, there is also metallic hardware that is stainless steel. This is therefore, another that’s ideal for people who prefer to avoid cruelty to animals in the manufacture of their accessories. It has a magnetic closure so it is relatively easy to open and close.

Space wise, it has the capacity to hold as many as 14 business cards or five to six credit cards, debit cards or other similarly sized and shaped cards. Considering it is under 10 bucks, we think it’s an excellent value product.

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  • Good value for money
  • Can hold a maximum of 14 business cards
  • Ethically-sourced materials
  • May not hold enough cards for everyone


7) FAYEAH Business Card Holder, Thumb-Drive Style

Want something that looks a little swish and modern to hold your business cards, particularly if you’re in the tech industry or involved in IT in some way? You may want to check out this great business card holder from FAYEAH. It’s been designed to resemble a thumb-drive and even has a little button that you can slide along to push the cards you have inside it out for easy access.

Speaking of cards, there is space for between 10 and 18 business cards, depending on how thick or slimline they are. As you’re only able to slide one card out at a time, there’s no fumbling around trying to take just one out. The materials used in this card holder help to ensure it’s robust and durable – a high-quality stainless-steel with frosted aluminum.

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  • Quirky design
  • Robust and durable materials
  • Reasonably generous business card capacity
  • Although strong, it still could be tougher


8) Samsill Regal Leather Business Card Holder

Regal by name, regal by nature. This business card holder from Samsill is a very smart accessory that any young upstart in the business world should invest in. It may look plain to some people, but we prefer to look at it as smart and sophisticated, with an understated elegance that speaks volumes about the type of professional you are and want to project yourself as.

Made from high quality leather with fine stitching, it features two pockets in the inside that have enough room for 25 business cards between them. Considering how compact it is, at just 4.25-inches by 2.25-inches, coupled with the number of cards it can hold, for its incredibly low-price tag, this is a great value purchase.

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  • Incredibly affordable
  • High capacity
  • Well stitched and high-quality leather
  • Could have more rigid and toughened sides


9) MoKo Business Card Holder

Looking for even more bang for your buck in terms of business card capacity? Look no further than the MoKo business card holder. Made from PU leather, this is not only an incredibly stylish organizer for your business cards to help avoid fumbles and coming across as unprofessional when you try to give someone one of your cards and can’t find it. But it also has an utterly incredible card capacity, with enough space to fit a whopping 35 business cards. Next time you’re attending a sales convention or one for tech startups, be sure to take this and you’ll spread the word about you and your products, services or business in no time.

This has been made with pockets in mind and will fit very comfortably in one, but if you’d rather keep it inside your normal wallet, it’s small enough to fit inside that too. It has a nice magnetic closure, so you’ll always have a smooth time opening and closing it.

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  • 35 business card capacity
  • High quality PU leather
  • Magnetic closure for smoothing and opening and closing
  • Although small, when filled can be quite bulky


10) Alpine Swiss Genuine Leather Thin Business Card Case

The name sounds like one of those trendy ski wear and ski equipment manufacturers, but trust us, this is a great little accessory. Another genuinely low-priced business card holder, the Alpine Swiss genuine leather business card case is hard to pass on without seriously considering. Just look at the finished stitching around the edges and consider the fact that it holds a massive 50 business cards or 25 credit cards, in total. It consists of an ID window on the interior top-flap which can be used to keep your ID card, making it great for those trade and networking conventions and conferences. The main compartment features two interior pockets and one expandable flat compartment.

It’s very compact and discreet and looks more or less like an ordinary wallet at first glance. We think considering it’s just over 10 bucks, that this is a huge bargain.

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  • 50 card capacity
  • Genuine leather and stitching finished to a high standard
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Still quite thick


11) HISCOW Envelope Business Card Case

With all the black that’s featured so far in this guide, we thought it might be a nice change to feature this handsome brown Italian calfskin leather business card case. Aside from the color, another defining feature is the intriguing envelope design. Although it has a much smaller capacity than the last few that you’ve read through, with space for a maximum of 14 business cards and six credit cards, we still think for the price and the quality of the materials that this is a great buy.

The fact that this comes in its own smart and trendy presentation box means it could be a great gift. Do you have anyone in your life that’s just started a new business or needs to up their business networking game? This is a super present to get for them.

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  • Stylish brown Italian calfskin
  • Unique envelope-style design
  • Magnetic front closure
  • Would benefit from a bigger capacity.


12) KEKS Carbon Fiber Card Holder

Although more of a modern wallet design, we still think this would make an excellent business card holder. It’s amazingly lightweight and compact, with minimalism clearly at the forefront of the minds of the designers. Card-wise, it can hold up to eight business cards or bank and credit cards and also has another trick up its sleeve,

RFID is a form of technology we’re sure you’re familiar with, and if you’re not, it may be time that you educated yourself. Basically, RFID anti-scan technology protects your valuable credit, bank and store cards from being read by a sophisticated scanner that many modern criminals use to clone cards and get their hands on your personal details and sensitive financial information. So, as well as being a nifty and cool little way to carry around some cash, credit and bank cards and those all-important business cards, this also protects you from identity theft. All that for under 20 bucks.

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  • RFID anti-scan technology
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sturdy build
  • Would be nice if you could access one card at a time


13) HUSKK RFID Minimalist Slim Thin Card Holder

From HUSKK we’ve got another here that has RFID anti-scanning technology incorporated into it. This particular card holder has been constructed from medical-grade elastic and authentic leather. As such, it’s incredibly durable, but also very easy to use. The cards you use the most, or those crucial business cards, can be accessed smoothly and quickly using the elasticated pull-tab. Designed in the UK, it has been made to a high standard and is a stylish piece that you won’t be embarrassed to whip out when it’s time to swap contact details. There are two sleeves that can be flexibly used for cash, ID, credit cards, and of course, business cards, of which a maximum of 10 are likely to fit.

That may not seem like a lot, but considering you are paying less than 15 bucks for the privilege, it represents reasonably good value for money. Definitely one for use in the field.

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  • Ultra-thin and minimalist
  • RFID technology
  • Flexible storage space
  • Could perhaps have a bigger capacity


14) Bolier Leather Business Card holder

Need a business card case with a reasonable card capacity, but don’t fancy paying top dollar for it? Check out the Bolier business card holder. What can we say about this? Gaze upon its beauty to begin with, our friends, and appreciate the craftsmanship involved. It’s been constructed using high-quality leather and features top-notch hardware and hinges to provide a case that opens as smoothly and professionally as it looks.

We’re sure you are drooling with serious white-hot envy at the pic and description and we don’t blame you. Did we mention yet that it can hold a maximum of 30 business cards, depending on how thick they are? Oh well, looks like we just did! Seriously though, if you want to rock up to the next business meeting or conference in style, we recommend you give serious consideration to spending out the meagre price this is retailing for.

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  • High-quality materials and design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Incredibly generous card capacity
  • Lining could be more durable


15) Bellroy Card Sleeve

We’re back with the classic wallet and business card holder specialists at Bellroy for this rather beautiful creation, the Bellroy Card Sleeve. This is an incredibly slim leather wallet that has been made so that it’s as lightweight and compact as it possibly can be. Because of this, it’s only really designed to hold a maximum of two to eight cards and dollar bills. However, if you’ve got a rather small networking function to attend and don’t want to be lumbered with carrying around your entire business card collection, this could be an ideal compromise.

It benefits from easy-access slots both to the back and front of the case and there’s a pull-tab functionality that helps you access your most used cards first. We think really for what it actually is, it could be considered a little bit on the expensive side. In its defense though, it is a  Bellroy, and they’re an exceptionally good brand with a reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality products and accessories.

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  • Slick and lightweight
  • Genuine leather
  • Pull-tab for quick-access to most important cards
  • Expensive


16) Saddleback Leather Co. Slim Multi Business Card Holder

We’re no stranger to the classy and very functional products of Saddleback Leather Co., having featured some of their other products in previous buying guides and reviews. This slim business card holder more than lives up to the reputation Saddleback Leather has of producing fine and trendy accessories.

This has been lined with durable, but smooth and soft pigskin leather, which is thought to be even stronger than cow’s leather, and features high-quality stitching using polyester threading that is marine-grade and used in ships on their sails. It follows the basic design of a classic bi-fold wallet and has two slots at either side that can fit eight cards in each. Although this is not a massive amount, when you consider the branding, the top-rate materials and the finish, you can’t argue with the price.

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  • Made from pigskin, considered tougher than cow leather
  • 16 business card capacity
  • Stitching from marine-grade polyester
  • Could be a bit roomier


17) MOSIYEEF Aluminum RFID Blocking Card Case

If you’re looking for something that’ll double up nicely as a functional day-to-day wallet and a business card holder, this aluminum RFID blocking card case from MOSIYEEF is probably right up your street. With PU leather covering most of it, this has a very robust and stylish design and features RFID technology to protect your cards from being cloned. There’s space for just one to six cards, depending on their thickness, but as we said, this is more a wallet-meets-business card holder rather than a straight-up business card case.

There’s also a cool stainless-steel clip for attaching easily accessible bills. In business, how you present yourself is just as important as what you say and do, so make sure you send out the right signals and give the right impression with this bad boy. Don’t be put off by the brand, that you’ve probably never heard of. Instead, be attracted to the functionality and the price you get that functionality for.

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  • Credit and business cards pop out at touch of button
  • High-quality PU leather construction
  • Lightweight
  • Money clip can’t be removed


18) Moo Brush Steel & Leather Business Card Holder

Are you a little fed up with the tired old business card holders that don’t inspire? Check out this awesome piece of design and craft mastery that is the Moo Brushed Steel & Leather business card holder. This case is for people who want to stand out from the crowd. Imagine, pulling this cool card holder from your pocket when you are networking and generating leads. It’s quite the conversation piece with its professional, yet intriguing and stylish design.

Instead of overcomplicating things, Moo have actually managed to go to the other end of the scale and made this so easy to use that even Patrick Starfish would struggle to mess it up. Not that we’re really sure Patrick Starfish would need to mingle and network, but you never know… You can even flip it open and offer your cards to other delegates and representatives at functions and conferences, meaning you can shake their hand with your other or enjoy that free drink you were given when you entered the hall.

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  • One-hand opening – magic
  • Capacity of 16 business cards
  • Made from high quality brushed steel and genuine leather
  • We just wish it was a bit bigger


19) Mont Blanc Urban Spirit Leather Business Card Holder

Back again with our old friends at Mont Blanc, the Urban Spirit leather business card holder is, shall we say, one of the premium-grade products on our list. If by premium, you understand us to mean insanely expensive. All we can say is that, you’ll probably only want this if you’ve not got much need for a larger capacity business card holder, as there’s only space for around eight business cards or four credit cards.

Given that Mont Blanc is known for their quality products, we can understand the price tag, and there’s the classic business phrase of ‘got to spend money, to make money. We’ll let you be the judge if the price tag is spending a little too much or not. We’d reserve this for use with top-drawer clients and customers, to project the right image and air of professionalism.

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  • Genuine Italian leather
  • Slick and professional
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Just very expensive


20) Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Leather Wallet

Okay, so again, this is another great product that is admittedly more of a wallet than an actual business card holder, but given its price and the fact it’s made from genuine leather, means we couldn’t mention it. Furthermore, there’s more than enough space for a reasonable amount of business cards. In fact, there are four slots for passport cards, bank cards, debit cards, credit cards, one clear window slot for a driver’s license, work badge, or other ID, a couple of slip pockets for business cards, and one middle pocket for receipts, coupons, cash and other slim paper-based items.

The great thing is that, obviously, those slots can be used for whatever the hell you want. There’s really nothing, for the price it’s retailing at, to just slip as many business cards as you want into it. Although we’d reserve this for more informal networking scenarios, we still think it’s a great little accessory to have at your disposal.

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  • Stylish design
  • Flexible functionality
  • Genuine leather product
  • We’re spoilt and want more card slots


21) HUSKK RFID Minimalist Slim Card holder

We’re now going to check out yet another product from HUSKK. This is incredibly affordable, while providing bags of functionality and flexibility in its simple, yet cool design. Despite the fact that it may look like it’s not, it’s genuinely made from nice quality leather. It’s true that it doesn’t have the largest capacity, but considering its price, we’d say it would be a big ask expecting more. 10 cards, we think, is still enough to carry around in a day-to-day style wallet or card holder.

For those situations, such as large trade conventions and industry conferences, we’d probably suggest you invest in a couple of these or one of the other great products listed on this page. For smaller, low-key networking scenarios, this should be more than fine though.

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  • Slick design
  • Made to an exceptionally high standard
  • Durable
  • Pull-tab functionality could be better


22) Dalvey Continental Wallet

Next on our list is this elegant and well-protected wallet that can double as a leather business card holder. It’s made from Dalvey’s special Caviar leather and has a slick, darkened-brown exterior and a much lighter, smoother interior. There’s also a printed fabric element on the interior too as a nice contrast to the exterior. There are six credit card slots, so it’s unlikely to fit a whole library of business cards.

That being said, this is a such a nice wallet, that we’d recommend investing in it as your everyday use wallet, and make use of it as a part time business card holder. Not all networking happens when you are in a room of 100 or so people with the same passions or career drives. Some networking happens on ordinary days, like Tuesdays. So, having this wallet as your go-to accessory for cards and money will still enable you to have enough cards to network with on a lowkey level.

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  • Classy design
  • Top-grade leather and stainless steel
  • Can be engravable
  • More card slots would make this even better


23) Distil Union Wally Sleeve

Another wallet that can double as a business card holder is this Wally Sleeve from Distil Union. This is a cool little holder, we have to admit. It’s been made using premium leather that has been specially approved and only comes from tanneries that have the Leather Workers Group certification. So, you know when you invest in this you are getting good quality for your money.

It’s got a very slimline and compact design that allows as many as six business cards and/or credit and bank cards to be stored comfortably in it. With the Distil Union’s very own Wally pull-tab that gives you quick and easy access to your cards and any dollar bills you may have tucked into it, while the FlexLock keeps everything safely and securely.

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  • Great quality materials
  • Amazing craftsmanship
  • Ingenious functionality
  • Could benefit from more spaces for cards


24) Aspinall of London Stainless Steel Business Card Holder

Just when you thought we’d shown you all the classier products already, along comes this exquisite stainless-steel business card holder from Aspinall of London. This is an elegant and professional accessory that has a unique and aesthetically appealing front panel made from Italian calf leather with a cognac-hue, while the interior has a luxurious felt lining that is secured in place by a special snap-tab closure system. The rest of the case is made from stainless steel and there’s so much else we could say.

At the price, the fact that it only has room for 10 business cards, that are standard-sized, means that some of you may be concerned about paying that much. However, we’d argue that this is a worthy purchase to make, thanks to the good reputation Aspinall of London has for designing and producing some great stuff. So, don’t be too quick to pass on this slim little beauty.

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  • Slim-line design
  • Cognac-colored Italian calf leather
  • Snap-tab closure
  • For the price, the capacity isn’t big enough


25) Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Wallet

LA-based Hammer Anvil are behind another of our more budget-friendly products. This minimalist wallet has been designed to avoid taking up too much room and just provides you with the adequate and efficient space you need. It’s made from authentic leather and has the main selling point of featuring Hammer Anvil’s very own anti-breach tech. This stops your credit cards and other financial organization’s cards from being cloned or anything sinister by high-tech criminals who try and use RF scanners on your wallet when you’re not looking.

It has a very traditional design, but, that doesn’t necessarily take anything away from it. Particularly if you’re more of a traditional kind of guy, you might actually like this kind of thing.

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  • Classic wallet-style design
  • Genuine leather
  • RFID tech
  • Could benefit from more space for cards


26) Moo Giorgio Fedon Business Card Holder

Giorgio Fedon may not be a name that all of you are familiar with – if only you’d taken his business card! Seriously though, the guy is something of an Italian design legend. Giorgio has made a splash into the world of business cards with this holder. It’s got that luxury and classy feel that you often get from something from a fashion house, while remaining a very functional accessory piece.

Construction involves aluminum being folded and then covered in faux leather.  There’s a fair bit of space inside one of these – and they also come in a range of striking colors, so don’t be shy when it comes to those meetups. There’s space for as many as 16 business cards, though it depends, as always on how thick they are. Although expensive, we really can’t fault the aesthetics and functionality of this accessory. Moo, in our opinion, are one of the best designers and manufacturers of card holders and wallets, and the addition of Fedon into the mix, just makes this one sublime product.

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  • Made to a high standard
  • Vibrant and luxury finish
  • Sturdy and high-quality materials
  • Maybe it could have more spaces


27) Roco Minimalist Slim Wallet

If you’re looking for professional elegance with a modern tech industry look and feel, then check the Roco minimalist slim wallet out. First things first, although it’s another item that technically counts as a wallet, there’s space for a maximum of 20 business cards, so it can still be used when you’re networking. This is actually an updated version of a previous model.

Minimalist by name and by nature, this has been crafted using a flexible and patented silicone band to give it a compact and slimline feel, while the rest features high-grade aluminum. There’s room to store cards to the front of the holder and to the back too. This means, wherever you keep it, whether you’re a back pocketer or a front pocket wallet, you’ll always be able to offer your cards in a slick and smooth fashion.

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  • Highly robust and durable
  • Incredibly flexible
  • Spacious
  • May scratch other items if in same pocket


28) MaxGear PU-Leather Business Card Holder

Now we’re talking, another bona fide, business card holder. From MaxGear, this polyurethane, synthetic leather holder features metallic elements to help give it shape and ensure that your precious business cards don’t move around when stored inside it.

For the incredibly low price this is retailing at, we were surprised just how many business cards it fits, with 20 being the maximum, depending as always on how thick they are. Aside from the capacity though, we absolutely love the magnetic double opening to give you easy and fuss-free access whichever way you pull it out when networking.

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  • Highly functional design
  • Surprisingly large card capacity
  • Professional looking
  • Magnet may lose strength over time


29) Dalvey Orange & Stainless-Steel Credit Card case

Okay, so the name suggests that this is a credit card case, but this orange and stainless-steel product from Dalvey can obviously be flexibly used with business cards too, Dalvey are known for their innovative designs and has origins as a manufacturer of bagpipes of all things, and this updated version of a classic Dalvey design is no different.

It incorporates a toughened, but elegant mirror-polished stainless-steel body on the exterior with a softer silicone-rubber on the interior. Although it’s only got space for nine credit cards, more business cards may fit comfortably, depending of course on how slim or not they are. Given the price though, and the fact it has Dalvey’s branding and skill behind it, we think this is a winner.

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  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Unsurprisingly stylish
  • Highly functional
  • Cards could fall out easily, we reckon


30) Lethnic Slim Leather Business Card Holder

How about something that looks like crocodile skin a little? The Lethnic bi-fold leather business card holder wallet has been made using premium-quality cowhide leather, so you know it’s good quality. What we love though, is the fact it has been designed, in our opinion, to resemble the skin of a crocodile, with its scaly texture. It can hold as many as 10 credit cards and more than likely a little more business cards than that and has RFID tech built-in as most seem to these days.

This benefits from a very lightweight and streamlined design that means it won’t take up too much space in your pocket, compared to bulkier models. Ten is also a good enough number of business cards to have on your person, unless of course, you are going to a convention with 100s and 1000s in attendance.

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  • Top-grade cowhide leather
  • Intuitive design
  • Robust and durable
  • Could benefit from a larger capacity


31) Hometown Faux Leather Credit Card Holder

You may be surprised, guys, to see that we’ve decided to finish our guide to the best business card holders and business card cases without a bang, but rather, a sublime and sophisticated product. The Hometown credit card or business card holder has a real elegance. Made from artificial leather, it has a simple button opening and an elegant design.

It may not be the all-singing, all-dancing holder that some others on this list appear to be, but this gets the job done, with a touch of class. Which is often all you really need a business card holder or case to do. It opens, closes, holds a reasonable number of cards for the price – what else do you really want it to do?

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  • Elegant and professional design
  • Easy to open and close
  • Made to a high standard
  • Could have space for more cards



Time to Get Out There and Network!

We weren’t lying, were we? When we said there were 31 awesome business card holders and business card cases that would appeal to a wide variety of different people, we were telling the truth! From the highly functional, simply designed to the intricately designed and single function and everything in between, you really have been given just a snapshot of what’s actually out there. Trust us, it’s one of those markets where you could get lost at sea in a tide of intriguing and curiously designed business card holders that all look similar.

That’s why we put together this guide, to stop you from getting lost at sea. We did most of the hard work so that you don’t have to. Although there’s plenty more out there, and 31 is just scratching the surface, we don’t think you have to venture away from our selections.

At Men’s Gear, we take our responsibility to only provide the best in terms of value and function to our readers, which is why we are convinced that you’ll be able to find that perfect business card case or holder that suits your needs and requirements perfectly. It may even be that you end up investing in more than one, for different situations, and we wouldn’t blame you, as many of our team have been eyeing up a few of them too.

At the end of the day, it may be between having a business card holder, even a plain and not especially spectacular one, than none at all. Surely though, it makes more sense to get the one that’s going to propel you and help you come across as the professional businessman or salesman you know you are on the inside and that your colleagues know you are?

That, our friends, is why you need to choose wisely when picking out the best business card holders.

Just as you’d want to make a good first impression by dressing well for a first date with that hot girl you’ve always had a thing for, you want to always ensure you make a great first impression with clients and customers. So, take a good look through our selection before deciding on one (or more) and then choose the one that helps you secure those sales, leads or even investors.

We have faith in you!