Food is an essential part of any outdoor adventure or for everyday life, for that matter. But camping out can pose a problem because we are limited to the food we can bring. That is, unless, you want to cook and that’s where portable stoves come in just like the Prometheus Design Werx (PDW) MFSS Titanium Survival Stove.

This camping gear is ideal for light carry thanks to its 6AL-4V titanium build and compact size. It only measures 3.03″ H x 3.62″ D and weighs 122g. Yet it packs features ideal for use in the great outdoors. These include a double-wall construction to direct airflow for faster combustion of biomass fuel. It also produces less smoke but emits hotter burns using a variety of fuel sources aside from biomass, it also works with alcohol (isopropyl or denatured) and solid fuel tabs (Hexamine). Thus, the name MFSS, which stands for Multi-Fuel Survival Stove.

The PWD MFSS Titanium Survival Stove also features an adjustable inner core/fuel basket to use with different fuels. A cut-down window makes it easy to feed the biomass fuel without removing the cookware. It can stand on any terrain and remains stable thanks to fold-out legs, while a two-position folding pot stand can fit different cookware sizes.

Aside from its lightweight construction, it also disassembles for minimal footprint and easy packing. It takes apart into five different components. This way you can pack them separately in bags, stowaway pouches, or anywhere you like. Also when it comes to cooking, it can boil up to two cups of water enough to cook survival food packs, make soup, and more. 

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Images courtesy of Prometheus Design Werx