Truth be told, if somebody shows us a picture of the top half only, we would never guess that Bury Design’s latest creation is actually a leisure watercraft. There is a distinct automotive vibe when you look at the Inception 24. As it stands right now, this is still in the concept phase, but we can’t get enough of its sleek silhouette.

Moreover, with the renders and plans already in the hands of the Australian studio, a capable shipbuilder can take care of the rest. What gives this 79-foot marine vessel its hydrodynamic form that would effortlessly slice through the sea is the hull.

It borrows this from specialized yachts that participate in prestigious regattas. The Inception 24 can achieve remarkable cruising speeds thanks to the lightweight engineering of its hull. To compensate for the narrow beam, it uses an active water ballast system and a gyro stabilizer.

Although the Inception 24 draws a racing-inspired outline, the blueprint tells a different story. Passenger comfort is the priority here and the accommodations are likewise remarkable. The main deck features a hardtop that covers the lounge area as well as the primary helm.

When you prefer to feel the salty sea air or get a nice tan, the aft deck has two “L-shaped” sunbeds. Likewise, the owner or crew can even pilot the Inception 24 via the outside helm. As for accommodations, the ship can house up to four guests via two cabins with en-suite bathrooms.

Bury Design proposes the use of a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system. A high-capacity battery system should provide silent zero-emissions cruising at 15 knots for up to an hour. Ultimately, the cutting-edge capabilities and top-notch luxury make the Inception 24 one exciting yacht to have.

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Images courtesy of Bury Design