When you first catch a glimpse of the Ragnar, it would be difficult to convince anyone that it is a luxury vessel. We can’t help but agree based on its profile, but a once-over can hardly count as a fair opinion. Thankfully, after getting to know the story behind this build, we can’t help but admire what Burgess Yachts achieved. Yes, the name comes from Norse legends and it somehow fits what this 224-foot charter yacht can do.

The design of the Ragnar intends to channel an imposing figure that demands respect. Some of you will probably find that it resembles something familiar. According to Burgess Yachts, before its remarkable transformation, it was an offshore supply vessel. After a 22-month overhaul, the result is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Its former identity gives the Ragnar more than enough space to hold all the creature comforts once could ask for. It can accommodate up to 12 people and features two master suites with their own bathrooms. There also an ATV, a three-person submersible, and a helipad for your chopper. Living up to its namesake, the dining room boasts dark wood paneling and table that could seat all guests.

Also, in the room is a life-size statue of the Viking hero glares menacingly with a sword in hand. For those who want to unwind will enjoy the spa which houses a sauna, steam room, and massage room. Meanwhile, for others that want to pump some iron, a gym is also available. A week aboard the Ragnar will cost you $525,000, but the experience it offers is priceless.

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Images courtesy of Burgess Yachts