Aside from building some of the most powerful high-performance vehicles, Bugatti occasionally partners with other companies for cool collaborations. In its latest run, the French luxury automaker is working with a safety razor and shaving supply provider Gillette for the Chiron Pur Sport. Contrary to what you might think, this tie-in involves a grooming tool instead of a ride.

After hearing about it, we were thinking it was a limited-edition trim of the hypercar. Perhaps with a Gillette sponsorship for motorsport. Instead, we’re getting a snazzy and sleek heated safety razor with design elements lifted from its namesake. Quality-wise it should live up to the Macaron badge.

Hey, most of you could call the Chiron Pur Sport a gaudy marketing gimmick, but a lot of automotive enthusiasts will snap these up while supplies last. We’ve been featuring some of Bugatti’s ventures with the likes of Buben & Zorweg, TIDAL, IXO, and Jacob & Co.

Aside from these high-profile projects, the recent one from GilletteLabs is certainly a big surprise. The Chiron Pur Sport is a premium safety razor that embodies the very best of both brands. The handle is even crafted out of aluminum-zinc which you can find on Bugatti’s automobiles.

Moreover, the timing of its announcement is impeccable as temperatures begin to get colder as the autumn season draws closer. Groom like a pro as Gillette invokes that wonderful feeling of a barbershop shave with each use.

The heat opens up your pores much like a hot towel does as each blade gently cuts your facial hair down as close to bare skin. The Chiron Pur Sport features Bugatti’s signature Agile Blue colorway. The bundle includes a wireless charging dock, two replacement blades, and a co-branded cleaning cloth.

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Images courtesy of Bugatti/Gillette