Bentley is not the only high-class automotive marque that’s expanding its reach into other segments. This time, French luxury automaker Bugatti surprises its affluent clientele with a pool table. With a cost already skirting around supercar territory, this is one cost-prohibitive piece of furniture/gaming equipment. For this extravagant lifestyle showpiece, the company calls upon the services of IXO (Iconic Xtrem Objects).

Since this is Bugatti we’re talking about, only the finest materials are in order to build this pool table. To strike the best balance between weight and durability, carbon fiber is the way to go. IXO’s years of working with the composite results in a sleek form factor to match that of the brand’s vehicles.

Billet aluminum accents outline the edges of the rails and pockets for a refined look. As for the bumpers, the playing surface, and stainless-steel pockets are covered in aniline leather. If you were wondering, yes, it’s the same one you can find on Bugatti’s cars.

Furthermore, if buyers want to install their pool table on their yachts, there’s an optional gyroscope system to compensate for the ship’s motion on water. Strategic LED lighting keeps things visible even at night or you can splurge extra for a stylish LED lamp. The latter would probably be ideal to have at home than on a vessel.

Another is the high-tech cue support that sports a 13-inch touchscreen with leather-covered illuminated slots for your cue. A folding door with four cup holders and a cleaning brush are in the bundle. The Bugatti pool table includes a set of Aramith Tournament Pro competition balls. Finally, clients can choose from four colorways.

Buy – $300,000

Images courtesy of Bugatti