When you have the cash to splurge on a luxury hypercar with options, the manufacturer should do everything to exceed expectations, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened when an unnamed owner of a Bugatti Divo wanted to personalize his/her ride. With substantial resources and skilled craftsmen on call, this would have been a walk in the park, right? Not exactly. Because this “Lady Bug” one-off detailing was apparently a nightmare to achieve.

According to a source, the owner of the “Lady Bug” Divo wanted something special. A “geometric pattern consisting of diamond shapes in a unique color contrast. “If only Bugatti was building this machine with flat angular bodywork, then it will be an easy task.

The sleek aerodynamic curves of its exterior were a considerable challenge for the team. Word is, the desired visual effect was so difficult to perfect. In fact, the folks handling the “Lady Bug” Divo project were thinking of giving up.

“Due to the nature of the project, where a 2D graphic was applied to a 3D sculpture, and after numerous failed ideas and attempts to apply the diamonds, we were close to giving up and saying: ‘We cannot meet the customer’s request,’” said Bugatti Design Color and Trim Chief Jörg Grumer.

After carefully fixing each individual diamond out of the 1,600 to a transfer film, the next step would be applying it to the vehicle’s body. After some meticulous checking and trimming the first step was a success. Next was the hand-painting process which involves multiple layers and a final clear coat. With professional determination, Bugatti Design proudly shows off the exclusive and stunning “Lady Bug” Divo.

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Images courtesy of Bugatti