Most of the time, we guys don’t really pay too much attention to our grooming. Unless we want to look really presentable for an event, a date, or maybe a corporate affair, most men just let nature run its course. Moreover, for those of us growing a beard or perhaps suffering from excessive facial and body hair, it doesn’t take long before everything turns into a jungle. Good thing there are awesome options available like the Beardscape V2 from Brio!

Since its founding in 2014, the Steckling brothers have been constantly innovating the way we take care of our bodies. With a great lineup of personal care products and devices that caters to both men and women, Brio strives to always introduce improvements based on consumer feedback. With the success of its original beard and body trimmer, they’ve engineered an awesome follow-up — the Beardscape V2 — that promises even more improvements over its predecessor.

This new model comes with a collection of upgrades to make your grooming routine as hassle-free as possible. Also, the level of control over its settings suggests that it is the most intuitive tool to have in your arsenal. So, what are you waiting for? It’s high time that you drop your crappy old trimmer and get in with the program! The Beardscape V2 has all the bells and whistles to make the modern man look and feel like a million bucks.

What’s Inside The Box?

Brio ships this in a white box. There is the image of the beard and body trimmer printed on top, while other relevant details are on the side and back of the packaging. Once the cover is off, you’ll find some documentation and the Beardscape V2 wrapped in plastic as well as a charging cradle. This extra layer of protection ensures that the item is in pristine condition.

Then there are two smaller boxes inside. One contains the length guards along with oil for your blade and a brush for cleaning. Meanwhile, the other holds the charging cable and power brick. Please note there are bundles that include extras like the optional Zero Blade for the closest trim at 0.2 mm and a travel case, which is handy to have when you’re regularly on the road.

Design And Model Comparison

If this is your first trimmer from Brio, then the Beardscape V2 is an exceptional grooming gadget to have. However, those who already own the Beardscape V1 should know that the latest flagship also boasts tweaks that make it worth another purchase. Trust us, it’s better to have more than one.

Unlike the rounder handle and base of the V1, we now have a slightly rectangular form factor that also appears slimmer. It sports a color display that shows you the motor rpm, estimated battery life, and the cutting length the trimmer is currently set to. so far, it will outlast most of the competition by a huge margin.

The physical adjustment slider still shows the numbers, but to see it on the screen is beneficial in situations wherein the room’s illumination renders it illegible. This allows you to really dial it in for that ideal stubble length. Fancy a buzzcut or may just a small trim on the sides? The level of adjustability the Beardscape V2 provides is unlike any other.

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Just snap on the length guards and go for the perfect cut every time. Do it yourself or have somebody else help out, this trimmer is easy to use even without a mirror. Nevertheless, make sure you’re in front of one to admire the work you’ve done.

Additionally, it is noticeably quieter when in use compared to the previous generation. Get trimming late at night or early morning without disturbing others in the same room with you. This is one of the more discrete grooming instruments out there.

It charges with the supplied dock or directly hooks up to the power brick for wired usage. The latter is great because the lengthy cable does not affect your range of motion while the Beardscape V2 is plugged in. We like that Brio enhances your grip with the textured surfaces on the sides and the ridges at the bottom.

The manufacturer put a lot of thought into backward compatibility for the Beardscape V2. The length guards, Zero Blade, and replacement blade assembly are interchangeable between both trimmers in the same collection.

It comes in two colorways: Blackout and Gray. Brio also revamps the button layout, which now sees the power button right below the blade length switch. There is an orange LED ring that lights up to indicate that the Beardscape V2 is turned on. Just under that are the speed adjustment buttons and the status display.

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Great Features Of The Beardscape V2

When people want to keep the hair on their face, scalp, and body in check, most opt for services offered by a local barbershop and other professional establishments. Brio, on the other hand, arms us with a versatile device to take charge of our grooming. The blade length is adjustable by 0.3 mm increments for precise trimming. You can’t get that degree of control anywhere else except the Beardscape V2.

It is equipped with a powerful motor that can easily handle anything you throw at it. Hair beware! Next is a 2,200 mAh lithium-ion battery which can last up to 240 minutes on a full charge. The UI does a great job of showing the approximate time left before it needs to juice up. The vibrant display shows the estimated battery life depending on the speed you set it to.

Overall, the battery life performance is on another level as you rarely need to recharge with typical usage. This feature is essential when you’re always on the go. Just drop it in your backpack and it’s ready for action anytime. Speaking of which, Brio understands that accidental button presses can happen. Thus, the travel lock function prevents unintended activation.

Just hold down the power button for a few seconds to enable or disable this. Instead of an all-metal blade system, Brio incorporates advanced ceramics which only require minimal maintenance and cleaning. The cutting-edge properties of the material mean the blade virtually stays sharp forever. Furthermore, removing and replacing the blade assembly is easy. Plus, the reversible length guards clip on quite securely.

Our Take On The Beardscape V2

Each time a company releases a new flagship model, there’s always a risk that they might have overlooked an issue during development. Nonetheless, it seems Brio knew exactly what the men want in a beard and body trimmer. Brio markets it as an all-in-one trimmer and it essentially works on any type of body hair. From top to bottom, you’ll feel fresh and clean after a quick session with this bad boy! Therefore, we believe guys who prefer to regularly groom themselves should grab the Beardscape V2 now! Each unit ships with a comprehensive two-year warranty which tells us a lot about its quality and performance.

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