Growing and maintaining a beard is a challenge. Although genetics plays a huge part with the former, the latter needs time and dedication. Moreover, you need the right set of tools to keep your glorious whiskers in check. Otherwise, if you fancy looking like a hermit or perhaps a bum, then just let nature run its course. On the other hand, Brio can help you out with their Beardscape Pro.

Unless you are naturally skillful with a pair of scissors, a trimmer like this one is your new best buddy. After almost a year of home isolation due to the pandemic, some guys took advantage of the circumstances to try something new. Sure, many have been learning new skills, keeping in shape, as well as doing other activities that are keeping boredom at bay.

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Brio knows that shaving is quickly becoming an afterthought these days. Therefore, its Beardscape Pro is here to help you control the situation. It should be obvious right now that this is not your average trimmer. As denoted by the name, this packs all the bells and whistles one can expect from a commercial-grade model. With some fine-tuning to make it friendlier for the average Joe, users will love its exceptional functionality.

We’re talking about above-average battery life, titanium rakes, variable speeds, and more. Unlike metal, the ceramic blades on the Beardscape Pro produce less noise and boast superior heat resistance. Brio is shipping it with all the accessories included with the regular version. However, it is equipped with the brand’s Zero blade tech and a larger carrying case. While you’re at it, might as well check out our best 10 beard balm / beard wax for men.

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Images courtesy of Brio