Braun’s DN40 digital alarm clock was arguably the first that looked technologically modern during its release in 1976. It had a sleek and minimalist design and suffice to say, it was a hit. To adapt to modern times, the clock now comes with an upgrade and this is where the Braun BC21 comes in.

With smartphones becoming a quintessential tech staple and LCD alarm clocks slowly fading into nonexistence, Braun turned to the convenience of wireless charging to hit two birds with one stone. In order to revive the importance of bedside clocks, the brand upgraded its classic DN40 with a Qi-enabled charging pad to power up smartphones and other Qi-enabled devices.

The non-slip pad provides 10W of fast charging and has overheating protection. It sits behind the self-adjusting LCD clock display to minimize screen time. Or to quote Braun, keep your phone “out of sight, out of mind.”

Meanwhile, the clock itself retains the fine physical qualities of the DN40. The Braun BC21 boasts an esthetically pleasing slimline design so it takes up little space on your bedside table. A hallmark of Braun’s design, the display is slightly angled back and the buttons on the back used to set the time and alarm set to different shapes so they can be controlled without actually having to look at them.

Aside from the wireless charging, the Braun BC21 also comes with a light sensor that automatically dims or brightens the display depending on the surrounding level of light. It also has a touch-sensitive snooze button on the top and an alarm that gets louder gradually the longer you ignore it. Likewise, the clock is adjustable to a 12 and 24-hour format.

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Images courtesy of Braun