Braun has gone back in time — 1989, to be exact — and is bringing us its first analog watch. Updated for the modern crowd, the AW 10 EVO has been designed to display the time in the most functional way possible. That’s a Braun principle that has always rung true with each iteration.

You’ll love the Swiss three-hand date movement on the AW 10 EVO. That and its stainless steel case that features one of the sleekest bezels ever on a watch. That’s not even mentioning the bespoke screw on the case back. Also, the scratch-resistant mineral glass surface. Above all, the genuine leather strap. And did we mention it’s 3 ATM water-resistant?

The most notable change here, care of Dietrich Lubs, is the enlargement of the matt stainless steel watch case to 39mm. Other than that, it’s practically identical to the 1989 original. You can opt for the all-black edition, but if you’re a feeling a wee bit adventurous, there’s also one with silver detailing. These two versions are available now from the Braun online store. The black and silver variant will run you $380, while the all-black one costs a tad bit more at $395.

You might reckon they’re a tad bit too pricey, but to be sure, they’re not the most expensive watches around, come to think of it. We’d argue that you’re getting your money’s worth, especially since the AW 10 EVO is literally a historical callback to Braun’s iconic watches of decades past.