Last month, Rolls-Royce stunned the luxury automobile enthusiasts with the highly exclusive Boat Tail. The leisure vessel-inspired four-seat convertible brought out the best of what the prestigious British marque can achieve when the cost is not an issue. Each vehicle also shipped (puns strike again) with a pair of his and her multipurpose timepieces from BOVET 1822. The only difference now is we finally have more details to share.

Previously, the only info we had was its ability to switch between being a dashboard clock, wristwatch, pocket/pendant watch, and desk clock. As such, it apparently took BOVET 1822 and Rolls-Royce three years to turn their respective bespoke commissions into reality.

According to the watchmaker, everything was taken into consideration. These include humidity, vibrations, temperature, security, and safety – including crash tests. Even the mounting system is so precise to make the transition seamless. The Boat Tail watches both tout a 44-mm 18-karat white gold case.

He gets the one with the polished finish, while she receives the more intricate model. All engravings on the latter feature blue lacquer fillings. The two BOVET 1822 timepieces share matching open-work dials on one side, which sport the Boat Tail’s Caleidolegno veneer.

Moreover, a craved figure of the Spirit of Ecstasy covers the tourbillon bridge at 6 o’clock. What follows are unique elements on the opposite side. The guy’s reverse dial has is aventurine with a sky chart, while the gal’s version is crafted from mother of pearl with painted flowers.

Meanwhile, a hand-engraved Rolls-Royce Boat Tail sits across both these dials. When the Boat Tail BOVET 1822 watches are mounted on the dashboard, the owners can store the straps, chain, and other accessories in a special drawer just beneath the slot.

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Images courtesy of BOVET 1822