The Borealis Basecamp gives you amazing views of the Aurora Borealis in the comfort of a remote yet luxurious setting. Marvel at the beauty of these lights from clear skies.

The camp sits just 25 miles outside Fairbanks along the Elliott Highway. It sits on 100 acres of pristine boreal forest and home to 10 fiberglass geodesic igloos that boast spacious interiors. This far north, it is easy to get expansive and clear views of the night sky. There is no light and air pollution but only the beauty and wonder of nature.

The igloos in the Borealis Basecamp are designed to maximize views of the Aurora Borealis. They have 16-foot curved windows to provide views of far-off ridges. The massive windows allow guests to view the sky in the comfort of their bed. Likewise, each igloo has a sitting area, a full bathroom, and a breakfast bar. That’s comfort and convenience akin to hotel-like living. You don’t have to venture far to find a place to clean off or eat. Although, this must-go travel destination also offers European fine dining at the on-site restaurant, Latitude 65.

Guests can have professionals curate their stay for a memorable experience. These include an ATV or Snowmachining tour depending on the weather. A reservationist can also take guests on a tour around the Alaskan backcountry with a lunch stopover at the Wickersham Dome.

There is also dogsledding or karting tour where guests can meet real Alaskan racing dogs. The Borealis Basecamp also offers a Heli Flightseeing excursion where guests fly over the White Mountains and experience the Trans Alaska Pipeline from the air.

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