We have been featuring e-bikes for quite some time now and admit that most look pretty average. There are those that push for a fully futuristic look and the rest which attempt a more classic outline. Not many can pull off a middle ground design except maybe for BMW with its i Vision AMBY Concept.

Debuting alongside the fully motorized Motorrad Vision AMBY at the IAA Mobility 2021 expo, it’s a tempting platform for urban transport. No doubt, eco-minded folks will snap it up in a heartbeat if it ever hits the market. This angular pedal electric bicycle packs smart features to keep the rider safe.

Unlike the Motorrad Vision AMBY, which is fully electric, the i Vision AMBY will require some legwork. This is perfect for cyclists who still want to get their workout and occasionally let the batteries take over. According to BMW, the 2,000 Wh battery pack is good for up to 186 miles.

This sporty e-bike features a lightweight and durable aluminum frame with a suspension system for a smooth ride. The 27.5-inch wheels are armed with brake systems that use rapeseed oil for the fluid. Meanwhile, owners can mount their smartphone and use it as a digital key and sync with the BMW companion app.

Moreover, the handset is also essential to load license information and location. This also allows the e-bike to use its geofencing technology. The e-bike will electronically limit the top speed depending on your license and the speed limits imposed on certain areas.

The three speed ratings are 15.5 mph on cycle tracks, up to 28 mph on urban roads, and up to 37 mph when you’re on multi-lane roads. The BMW i Vision AMBY uses strips of LEDs mounted on the handlebars and seat post for improved visibility at night.

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Images courtesy of BMW