Going all-electric seems to be the buzzword among automotive companies these days. It’s like every big name brand is hoping to grab a piece of the pie before the platform becomes mainstream. This movement is absolutely amazing for the environment and shows how everyone is starting to care as well. Here we have a German carmaker that’s dipping their toes in urban mobility with a battery-powered two-wheeler. It goes by the name BMW E-Scooter, which noticeably does not sound that impressive. With modest specs in tow, it’s no surprise that this new ride bears a simple name.

Teaming up with Micro (the creator of the uber-popular Micro Scooter), BMW is preparing to release three models later this year. Moreover, the company is targeting urban commuters who are looking for emission-free alternatives. For those who were looking forward to something that looks like a full-size e-bike, we have bad news for you. The E-Scooter patterns its form factor to that of a kick-type model albeit with an electric motor on board. On the flipside, this makes it lightweight at 20 lbs, which is handy for quick storage.

The BMW E-Scooter touts a dual-braking system with front and rear lights for added safety. The 150W electric motor manages a top speed of 12 miles per hour and a range of 7.5 miles. Pricing for the flagship model is quite steep at around $895. Potential buyers will have a hard time justifying its purchase given its lackluster spec sheet. On the other hand the remaining two variants do not have a motor but still costs more than regular options.

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Images courtesy of BMW