If you a lot of knives and other sharp cutting tools in your arsenal, then any ordinary container won’t suffice as a reliable case. BladeHQ’s Pelican Vault 16-Knife Case, on the other hand, is sure to be a keeper of your most-kept EDC cutting tools.

This is a robust case of high-impact polymer construction. It is crushproof, weather-resistant, and dustproof. These are qualities you need to look for in a carrying case if you want to keep your blades pristine and sharp. It features 16 internal pockets that measure approximately 1-1.5 inches across. That is enough storage space to store big and small knives, although you can always customize the placements to suit your needs.

BladeHQ’s Pelican Vault has thick foam inserts made from Nalpak foam to hold 16 knives horizontally with two layers of foam displays. The foam inserts not only works to segregate your tools but protect them as well.

Meanwhile, to ensure safety during carrying, this case employs dual push-button latches for the ultimate secure closure and quick-opening access. The addition of stainless steel lock hasps provides another level of security during transport.

BladeHQ’s Pelican Vault is also just the right size to bring along with you in your travels. In case you want a show and tell of your collection, it’s not a burden to haul around. It is compact enough given its purpose at just 12.25 inches in length and 12 inches in width. It has a height of 5.25 inches. This briefcase-type storage is also remarkably lightweight at just 3.10 pounds and boasts a rugged exterior.

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Images courtesy of BladeHQ