The BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool keeps you prepared for any small repairs even while on-the-go. Its design mixes style and functionality.

This is a wearable multi-tool that you can secure to your belt thanks to strong N-52 magnets. The magnets provide a snap-on design for easy and quick access. You can deploy the tools available in seconds and pop the buckle back onto your belt for a hands-free carry. It provides a subtle fashion accent to your everyday wear when not in use so it discreetly and seamlessly provides stylish flair.

The BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool contains some of the most used repair tools including a high torque driver, six precision bits for use with any screws, and a concealed knife blade. You can access the tools with just one hand and with a flick of your thumb. Just flip up to reveal the tool you want to use and flip down to return it to its spot in the buckle.

And because it is wearable, then it means it needs to be light. This multi-tool is lightweight despite its aluminum construction. It is machined of 7075 T6 aluminum otherwise known as aerospace-grade aluminum. This makes this EDC durable and boasts hardness and strength comparable to steel.

The BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty although it is guaranteed to last you for many uses. So the next time you step out, consider bringing this handy multi-tool because you never know when you may need to do random small repairs or open anything.

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Bitbuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool

Bitbuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool

Bitbuckle Belt Buckle Multi-tool


Images courtesy of BitBuckle