For electric vehicles, there are a few ways manufacturers approach the design. The most popular option is to make it look as futuristic as possible. Next, is to combine elements of a traditional vehicle with a cutting-edge electric powertrain. Next is to just let the designer’s imagination run free to craft something quirky, fun, and innovative. The Biomega EV falls in the latter category as it presents a playful vibe that hosts a capable emission-free transport.

Biomega is not exactly a name that rings a bell in the automotive industry. This Danish brand has its roots deeply planted with making awesome bicycles for the eco-minded traveler. However, we believe that its first attempt at a four-wheeled transport produced an exceptional machine. Unfortunately, this is still a prototype version. The company plans to release a production model by 2021, which is still a little ways off.

Each wheel is powered by a dedicated motor. All four combine to generate up to 82 horsepower with 118 lb-ft of torque. With a max speed of 80 mph, a full charge of its 20 kWh battery can deliver a range of up to 100 miles. Meanwhile, the body uses lightweight carbon fiber reinforced polymer an aluminum crossbeams for additional safety.

The Biomega EV seats a maximum of four passengers including the driver with ample legroom for comfort. One of the impressive features of this upcoming ride is the modular battery system. According to the manufacturer, owners can quickly access and replace the batteries to extend the mileage in between charges. We can’t wait to see these on the road soon.

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Images courtesy of Biomega