The gaming industry has always been focused on graphics, audio, and performance. The next-generation competition is already underway with the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and gaming PCs duking it out. Despite, its aging hardware, Nintendo’s Switch still manages to hold on to its market share courtesy of its unique features. Meanwhile, the Tactsuit X40 from bHaptics appears to be an accessory that could enhance gameplay. So, let’s find out what it can do.

As the company and product name implies, what we have here is a piece of tech that generates haptic feedback. Tactile sensations produced by gaming peripherals over the years have made video games even more immersive. So far, various controllers remain the most popular equipment that produces vibrations in context to the on-screen actions.

Instead of just feeling with your hands, the Tactsuit X40 is expanding that to your upper body. To be specific, this gaming vest only covers your torso. We can’t consider it a dealbreaker anyway as we still need to hold whatever our platform of choice needs to play.

40 haptic feedback points generate vibrations from individual ERM motors. Just charge its massive 9,800 mAh battery for up to 18 hours of continuous playtime. The Tactsuit X40 is easy to wear and will fit most body types via adjustable straps. The mesh lining is user-replaceable which makes it easy to wash or change.

Although the Tactsuit X40 is compatible with consoles, mobile phones, and PCs, VR gaming will benefit from its haptics. It typically connects to via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), but it also supports a wired setup if the situation calls for it. For the jumpy types, you might want to think it through before you zip up and play.

Buy – $499.00

Images courtesy of bHaptics