Mix up the guys’ poker evenings and Saturday Nerf gun battles with some knife-throwing games this year. Half-time entertainment doesn’t just need to be a few games of darts or a game of pool. Instead, why don’t you head on out to the garden, or create a safe area in your man cave, and have a throwing-knife shoot-out with the guys?

These throwing knives are great for recreational target games, but they can also be used more seriously as part of hunting days, camping trips, magic acts, combat, or to kit-out your survival backpack. They really are a versatile item, which is why men all over the globe are getting sets of these awesome knives for various purposes.

If you’re in the market for a throwing knife, it can be hard to know where to turn. Understanding if the throwing knife you’re looking at is solid and reliable is difficult to determine, especially with lots of fake reviewers hovering around the popular buying platforms. Thankfully, for guys who are looking for a throwing knife set, Men’s Gear is here to guide you in the right direction.

We had our very own knife-throwing championship and Jonny from marketing lost an ear. If the bosses are reading this then that isn’t true. If Jonny is reading, we’re sorry.

Okay, all of that isn’t exactly true, but we definitely took a long and hard look at the best throwing knives currently being sold to help us make our showcase.

We chose our favorites and were still left with 16 top-quality options. Scroll down to see these excellent throwing knives for men. Or, keep reading just below to learn more about these products and to get the most common knife-throwing questions answered.



SOG Throwing Knives

SOG bring three cool throwing knives to the table, all of which come with a separate nylon sheath. The sheaths secure using Velcro closures and can be attached to a belt, such as a tactical belt, using the accompanying belt loop. These throwing knives could easily be considered as tactical knives to save your bacon in the battlefield.

They have been designed for the guys who have thrown before. We wouldn’t recommend these knives to any newbies on the scene, but they are an excellent choice for those with some knowledge and experience. Maybe you?

The blade on this SOG model is slightly longer than what you will find on most other models. It measures in at 4.4 inches and will come in useful for general knife work as well as throwing. We say this because the blade is of supreme quality you come to expect from the guys and gals over at SOG. It’s made of hard-cased 420 stainless steel, which means it outperforms some standard martial arts weapons.

Saving one of the best features to the end, the grip on these throwing knives sets them apart from many competing options. They have been wrapped in textured and lightweight paracord. However, for the knife-throwing purist, this paracord can be easily removed to accommodate different gripping styles. What type of guy are you – paracord grip or the authentic feel of cool steel?

SOG has your back in more ways than providing you a tactical-quality throwing knife. If you take care of their products and maintain them well, they will consider all your requests for replacements and repairs.


  • checkThree knives included
  • checkRenowned and customer-focused brand
  • checkMade with quality steel
  • checkPerfect for different throwing techniques
  • checkAdjustable paracord grip and knife balance
  • checkProtective nylon sheaths and belt loop


  • cross-altNot ideal for beginner throwers


  • Brand SOG
  • Knife Type Straight edge
  • Set Three
  • Beginner Friendly No
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Dimensions 1.5in x 0.1in x 10in

Smith & Wesson Stainless Steel Throwing Knives Set

If three quality throwing knives aren’t enough, then how about six? This Smith & Wesson pack of six throwing knives could be the perfect way for you and the guys to start the bi-weekly competition. These knives are perfect for the newbie thrower, the professional competitor, or just the collector. They have a double-edge design with a spear point to improve your chances of accuracy and to make them look all the more cooler. If they were any cooler, global warming wouldn’t be a problem.

The blade of these knives is made of quality stainless steel that will last longer than lesser-quality throwing knives. The steel also contributes to an exceptional weight ratio throughout the knife making them simple to throw. Throughout the handle section of the knife, you can easily notice a cut out of the steel. This has been cleverly done to improve the grip of these knives. Instead of running your thumb or fingers against a frictionless and smooth surface, you can use this cut out to improve your control of each throw. No matter what handle-based grip you adopt, this will be a welcome sight.

These six knives are supplied with an accompanying sheath. The sheath is specifically designed to be attached to your belt for quick and easy access to your knives at all times. Having a belt sheath is also much more convenient during throwing competitions to help you keep your good rhythm going as you pepper the bullseye. This sheath is made from nylon and provides outstanding protection to all six of you throwing knives without becoming bulky and heavy.


  • checkPerfect for beginners and advanced throwers
  • checkCool double-edged design
  • checkNylon belt sheath included
  • checkLonger than most throwing knives
  • checkComes as a pack of six
  • checkExceptional grip and weight balance


  • cross-altSupplied with a dull tip


  • Brand Smith & Wesson
  • Knife Type Dual edge
  • Set Six
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Dimensions 8in x 1.5in x 0.2in

Cold Steel 80TFTC True Flight

Or maybe you came here looking for a single high-performing throwing knife rather than a set of throwing knives? If so, the Cold Steel 80TFTC True Flight should be a front-runner for you.

This is one of the longer throwing knives on the market measuring in at a whopping 12 inches. Around seven inches of the overall length is the blade, leaving just over five inches to be admired as the paracord-wrapped handle. The paracord wrapping enables the user to feel more in control as they throw and is especially useful during outdoor competitions in the wetter months.

This throwing knife is manufactured using 1055 carbon steel and then finished with a black protective coating which has been baked on for extra durability. The design also makes use of a utility edge to allow this throwing knife to lead a second life standing up to your cutting chores.

When you buy this throwing knife from Cold Steel and their team of celebrated designers, you also receive a sheath. This sheath isn’t made from nylon like many of the others that suppliers bring to the table. Instead, it’s made from Corex for undeniable durability. The sheath will keep you and your new throwing knife protected when traveling through the wilderness or to the local competition. Along with the sheath, Cold Steel throws in their limited warranty. If you wanted a set of throwing knives – you could always buy three…


  • checkParacord-wrapped handle
  • checkProtective Corex sheath
  • checkManufacturer’s warranty included
  • checkQuality 1055 carbon steel head
  • checkUtility edge for multifunctional use
  • checkBlack protective coating increases durability


  • cross-altNot for sale in some US states


  • Brand Cold Steel
  • Knife Type Utility edge
  • Set Single knife
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material 1055 carbon steel
  • Dimensions 12in x 4in x 2in

Perfect Point Throwers

A much smaller, but arguably more dazzling option, is this six-piece throwing knife set from Perfect Point. These 5.5-inch throwing knives stand out from the pile due to their aesthetics. Each of the six knives has a distinguishable color incorporated into the grinding line of the blade. The set comprises of green, blue, purple, orange, red, and yellow.

However, don’t be fooled by the colorful design into thinking that this set of throwing knives shouldn’t be taken seriously. The blades are made of stainless steel which has then been coated to enhance their durability.

The black handles match the core element of the blades and include a series of slits to improve the thrower’s grip and control of the knives. Perfect point hit the mark here so you can too!

The sheath-like casing for this set of throwing knives is really cool too. It’s a holster-type design that resembles a sleeve of protective pouches. At either end of the sleeve is Velcro fastening that could be wrapped around an arm or a leg to nail the Rambo look.

Overall, this pack of throwing knives is a go-to option for you guys just getting started in the knife-throwing game. Seriously consider these to help get you into the swing of things.


  • checkCompact design
  • checkLightweight for easy transportation
  • checkCool and innovative Velcro-fastening casing
  • checkIdeal for beginners to knife throwing
  • checkUnique colorful grinding lines
  • checkCoated stainless steel for enhanced longevity


  • cross-altSharpening will reduce their color


  • Brand Perfect Point
  • Knife Type N/A
  • Set Six
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Dimensions 5.5in x 2in x 1in

SOG Fling Classic Throwing Knives

For the height of reliability, choose this set of SOG Fling Classic Throwing Knives. The three-piece set has blades with a Rockwell Hardness score of 49 to 51, meaning they could easily be considered as tactical knives too.

For this reason and for a few other reasons, we would recommend intermediate and professional throwers to enjoy these throwing knives at a wallet-friendly cost, rather than complete newbies.

Each overall knife is nine-and-a-half inches in length, while each blade is just short of three-inches long. Every inch of the design is made from durable stainless steel that has been treated with a satin finish for added durability. Although you could use them in their bare steel from, they do come wrapped in a paracord handle to help you stay in control from backswing, follow through, and to the bullseye.

The knives have been balanced in a specific way to give off a combative rotation rather than generic spin. This weight balance also lets throwers of different throwing styles get involved. The head of the knife is a wide-set spear point design to accommodate more gripping styles too!

When you choose these quality SOG throwing knives for men, you get a few extra perks. It comes provided with a quick-access sheath and a belt loop attachment, making it perfect for use during competitions and combat. The sheath is fastened with Velcro to keep your throwing knives secured at all times. As always with SOG, if you have taken care of their handy work, they will take care of you and consider replacements and repairs for properly maintained SOG products.


  • checkRockwell Hardness rating of 49-51
  • checkIdeal for intermediate and professional throwers
  • checkRemovable paracord handle for extra control
  • checkSatin finish to stainless steel adds durability
  • checkSpear design accommodates more throwing grips
  • checkProtective sheath and belt loop included


  • cross-altNot as friendly to beginners


  • Brand SOG
  • Knife Type Traditional
  • Set Three
  • Beginner Friendly No
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Dimensions 9.5in x 0.4in x 1.7in

Gil Hibben Throwing Knife Set

Your first taste of the throwing knives appreciated in Hollywood is this three-piece set. Gil Hibben brings an excellent option to the table for throwers of all abilities but especially those with certain types of grips. We’ll bring you more on that in just a moment.

These throwing knives have been put under rigorous testing to ensure user safety and phenomenal durability. They would be the perfect weapon for throwing competitors and will also be appreciated by collectors throughout the globe.

The immense durability scores during their tests are down to the one-piece construction made with tough 420 stainless steel. This steel will withstand frequent throwing games and practice sessions without faltering. This sort of durability is seen throughout the product in every knife but also in their extras. The set is supplied with heavy-duty sheaths made of sturdy nylon accompanied by a belt loop.

However, the durability and toughness of these throwing knives for men are not the only thing to get excited about. The key selling feature on these knives is to do with their grips. They are specifically designed to support a trigger grip. This extra attention to detail allows throwers using certain grip types to achieve more consistency and improved accuracy on every throw.


  • checkSuitable for different level throwers
  • checkMore suitable for specific grips
  • checkInnovative grip design improves throwing consistency
  • checkHeavy-duty nylon sheaths included
  • checkPassed extensive in-house durability testing
  • checkOne-piece reliable construction


  • cross-altNot for all throwing techniques


  • Brand Gil Hibben
  • Knife Type N/A
  • Set Three
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material 420 Stainless steel
  • Dimensions 8.8in x 3.4in x 1.4in

Perfect Point Throwing Knife Set

Perfect point is ruffling some feathers in the throwing-knife scene with this intriguing set. In this pack, you get 12 quality throwing knives, but that’s not all. Instead of getting a set of the same knives, they have made half of their set silver and the other half black. This means not only do you get more throwing knives than normal, but you also get them made ready for a competition amongst the boys. Order these throwing knives, clear the garden, and call the guys around for a knife-throwing tournament fueled with some cold ones and patties. What do you say?

The throwing knives themselves are just under nine-inches long, made of strong stainless steel, and come in a cool carry case that you will rarely see anywhere else. The knives slide into their nylon sheath-like compartments to keep the blades protected and to keep you protected as you transport them. At the end of each knife’s handle, you will notice a convenient lanyard hole – confused? Read on.

Why would you use a lanyard on your knife? That’s a good question. These lanyard holes often found on throwing knives don’t expect a lanyard to be passed through – allowing the sharp blade to dangle just near the heart region. Instead, you can use this hole to tie a cord through and around your wrist. This prevents you losing or dropping your knife while in pressuring situations. If you use a bright cord, this can also help you locate your throwing knife amongst the rest of your gear.


  • checkLarger set than normal
  • checkColor-coded throwing knives
  • checkIdeal for personal competitions and events
  • checkCool carrying case
  • checkLanyard holes to prevent losing knives
  • checkDurable and reliable


  • cross-altKnives may move around in case


  • Brand Perfect Point
  • Knife Type N/A
  • Set 12
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Dimensions N/A

Aeroblades Throwing Knife Set

Aeroblades may not be on the tip of your tongue when hunting down quality throwing knives. Yet, if you’re a beginner that is just getting used to the different knives available and finding your feet, you should consider this set of knives by them. They are perfect for newbie throwers trying to figure out their style of gripping and throwing.

This set of knives comes as a set of six, which is perfect for hosting your own half-time competitions. On each of the knives, you will see a logo depicting a black widow spider who just so happens to also be known for their deadly accuracy and speed. The knives are evenly balanced due to cutout elements in the grip and in the core of the blade. These holes can be filed and tuned to your preferred weight distribution. How cool is that!

The holes also have a second use. You can add a cord or a tassel to these holes to help you keep track of your quality throwing knives or add it to make your throws look even more awesome. These six throwing knives can be compactly stored in the product’s accompanying nylon sheath. This isn’t any old sheath. It has been made to attach to your arm comfortably and safely.

All blades have been manufactured using tried-and-tested 440 stainless steel and finished with a black coating. This coating doesn’t just match the name and aesthetics of the overall pieces, it also adds durability to your throwing knives.


  • checkAdaptable weight distribution
  • checkCool aesthetics
  • checkProtective sheath attaches to your arm
  • checkSuitable for new knife throwers
  • checkProtective black coating
  • checkHoles for cord attachments


  • cross-altNot ideal for professional throwers


  • Brand Aeroblades
  • Knife Type N/A
  • Set Six
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material 440 Stainless steel
  • Dimensions N/A

Red Guardian Ninja Sword and Throwing Knife Set

Another brand of throwing knives you may not have come across before is those from K Exclusive. You may have also not come across a set of throwing knives accompanied by a ninja sword before. Well, now you have. This ninja sword and set of kunai-like throwing knives are the perfect gift for any man who has an inner Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan.

The sword is undoubtedly impressive and really cool, but due to the nature of our buyer guide, we will keep our focus on those kunai throwing knives. They are smaller than some of the more recent designs we have featured, measuring in with an overall length of just under 6.5 inches and a blade length of just over 3.5 inches.

One of the best aspects of these knives is in their aesthetics. The cutting edge on all three blades has been enhanced with a striking crimson red color. In the center of the blade the red transfers to a deadly black color with a logo in the middle. The logo reads “Red Guardian” and has a symbol above it.

Below the blade, there is a handle and grip to rival some of the better-known brands on our buyer guide showcasing the best throwing knives for men. The solid grip is made to give the thrower even more control. How you ask? It’s simple. They have added a paracord wraparound which increases friction on any handle-based grip. At the bottom of the grip is a large hole. This hole is multifunctional in that it could be used to attach a wrist cord, let the knife be hung onto a hook, or it could be used to attach the knife to your other gear.

K Exclusive even throw in a sheath for ease of transportation. However, this sheath is for the knives and the sword. This means you must carry the large sheath when you leave the sword at home. Forgive them? We do!


  • checkAwesome ninja-like aesthetics
  • checkSword included
  • checkParacord grip for enhanced control
  • checkMultifunctional hole
  • checkSheath included for protection and transportation


  • cross-altSingle sheath for knives and sword


  • Brand K Exclusive
  • Knife Type Kunai
  • Set Three (plus sword)
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Dimensions Various

Avias Knife Supply Naruto Throwing Knife Set

One of the rarest aspects of the Avias Knife Supply’s Naruto Throwing Knife Set is the aesthetic options available. When you choose this three-piece set of throwing knives, you can choose to get them in a deadly black, a silver with red grips, an oil-spill rainbow design, or an assortment of the others. In the assortment set, you get one knife from each of the previous three sets.

Despite some aesthetic differences to mull over, there is only one choice when it comes to the knives themselves – and that choice is quality throughout. The knives are on the smaller side when comparing them to the other exceptional options featured here. All six-and-a-half inches of these knives are made with high-grade stainless steel that you can rely on. Below the blade is a grip which has been enhanced with material to aid friction and grip. Below that is a metal hoop which can be used to attach the knife around your wrist using cord, or a similar material.

Each of the three knives comes with its own nylon sheath. These nylon sheaths close using quick-access Velcro straps and have a belt loop so you can keep them close to hand at all times. By offering an individual sheath for each knife, it helps the blades come into frequent contact and rubbing while transporting them. This prevents them from suffering minor damages and wear and tear over time.


  • checkMultiple color options available
  • checkAn assortment of colors option
  • checkDurable steel you can count on
  • checkMetal hoop for easy attachment
  • checkEnhanced grip
  • checkIndividual sheaths to prevent damage


  • cross-altThinner tips may cause bending


  • Brand Avias Knife Supply
  • Knife Type Kunai
  • Set Three
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions N/A

Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set

Perfect Point has another set of throwing knives that you may want to consider. They offer this three-piece knife set in a choice of black or white. Getting a set of each color is the perfect way to organize a competition with a buddy. That way, you can clearly see who the real ninja is amongst your pack and avoid arguments of whose knife was whose.

Each knife is eight-inches long with the blade being four-inches in length. This even distribution contributes to the knives exceptional weight balance, making them perfect for everyone from beginners to expert throwers. The blades are made of the go-to sturdy material you have come to expect – stainless steel – and the handles have been shaped to specifically accommodate a range of grip preferences. The handles also have a cut-out at the end to attach a ribbon for competition play.

In the middle of these throwing knives there is a cool addition. They have a spider design added to them which stands out no matter which color set you choose. On the black throwing knives this spider is white and on the white set the spider is in a black color.

Each set of throwing knives comes with a heavy-duty nylon sheath that accommodates all three knives in the set. This is the perfect way of keeping your throwing knives safe during transporting and storing them. The sheath fastens together using Velcro to combine reliable fastening with efficient access. The sheath even has a belt loop to allow you to keep your knives close by when it matters the most.


  • checkTwo color options perfect for competitions
  • checkSheath with belt loop included
  • checkCool spider graphics
  • checkHandle cut-out to attach ribbons
  • checkEven weight distribution


  • cross-altMore suitable for beginners


  • Brand Blades USA
  • Knife Type N/A
  • Set Three
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Dimensions N/A

Cold Steel La Fontaine Throwing Knife

Real-life action man Luke La Fontaine is the persona behind this quality throwing knife. Luke is actually a long-standing member of Cold Steel’s family and even has this throwing knife named after himself. Fr those unaware, Luke La Fontaine is well-respected for his skills with a sword, fencing abilities, and as a weapons stuntman on the big screen. If Mr. La Fontaine endorses a throwing knife, you know it’s going to be good.

This single throwing knife is one of the biggest you will find here and anywhere else. At a colossal 14-inches long, it’s much bigger than standard throwing knives on the market. The blade is even slightly longer than the handle as they size up to eight inches and six inches, respectively.

Speaking of the blade, it’s made from 1050 high carbon steel that will last many aggressive throws for a long time. The design of the whole product easily stands out in comparison with what has preceded it here. The throwing knife is significantly curved, has a wider belly, a razor-sharp edge and an acute blade tip paired with an accented and unsharpened false blade edge.

The handle continues the product’s obvious uniqueness by including a finger guard which is designed to prevent your fingers or hand sliding towards the razor-sharp edge. This is as well as the handle being made to encourage a quick release for even more safety and smoother throws.

There is no reason why this knife couldn’t work as a regular camping trip knife as well as an excellent throwing knife. The only drawback that we could find with this product is in its lacking sheath. Unfortunately, you will have to buy a sheath separately or make your own to keep this throwing knife protected as you transport it.


  • checkEndorsed by weaponry experts
  • checkLarger size than standard
  • checkUnique curved design
  • checkFinger guards prevent injury
  • checkQuick-release handle design
  • checkDoubles as a regular cutting knife


  • cross-altNo sheath included


  • Brand Cold steel
  • Knife Type N/A
  • Set Single knife
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath No
  • Material 1050 high carbon steel
  • Dimensions 14in x 6in x 1in

Kershaw Ion Throwing Knife Set

Placing this set of throwing knives from Kershaw against the one we just saw just goes to show the differentiation between these types of knives. These throwing knives are a double-edged spear design that is less orthodox to the norm but is certainly more awesome. They could be argued to be slightly similar to the popular kunai design.

The blades on these knives are made from high-chromium steel which is top of the pile when keeping corrosion and rust at bay. Yet, these blades don’t look like the typical steel blades you see elsewhere. There’s a good reason for that.

These knives undergo a coating of black oxide to reduce light reflection, then they are given a blackwash finish. This blackwash finish produces a somewhat matte-like finish that prevents fingerprint marks, marring, and smudges. Not to mention the cool rustic and rugged aesthetic that it offers as well.

The throwing knives’ handle is just as crafty and impressive. Groove shave been made into the handle to increase friction and grip without overdoing it and making the release of your throws less natural and smooth. However, the knives arrive with a paracord wrapping you can choose to utilize instead. Knife throwers can throw with confidence while holding onto this wraparound and even attach a lanyard or a ribbon to the handle’s steel loop for competition play.

All three throwing knives in this set can be kept safe and secure during your journeys to throwing competitions – or just your journey from the recliner to the garden. This is because they’re supplied in a convenient and protective heavy-duty nylon sheath.


  • checkAttractive double-edged spear design
  • checkExceptionally rust and corrosion resistant
  • checkOxide coating enhances durability
  • checkBlackwash improves aesthetics and reduces fingerprints
  • checkParacord wraparound
  • checkHigh-quality sheath included


  • cross-altUse with softer woods only


  • Brand Kershaw
  • Knife Type Double-edged spear
  • Set Three
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Dimensions 14in x 5in x 2in

Hibben Gen-X Throwing Knife Set

With a throwing-knife set named as Gen-X – and coming from the workshops at Hibben Knives – you know you’re in for a treat. This throwing knife set includes three knives measuring in at 7.3 inches in length with a blade length of 3.75 inches. Although this makes them smaller than some of the designs we have already seen, they certainly don’t miss the target for quality.

In fact, when you see these knives and hear about their makeup, you might have already hit the bullseye with your throwing knife choice. The knives are crafted from a single piece of AUS-6 stainless steel. For those of you who aren’t stainless-steel experts, this means they can be relied on for the long haul.

The shape of these throwing knives also appeals to throwers who prefer their knives to have minimal spin through the air. Down the center of the handle you can see there are a number of machine-cut holes. These holes have a multifunctional use. They can be used to enhance your grip or attach a cord and wrap the knife around your wrist. Just remember to untie the cord before you throw – ouch! Or, they can be more commonly used to attach ribbons ready for competitive play. These ribbons let players identify which blades are whose.

One of the coolest things about this throwing knife set is in its extras. It does have a black nylon sheath that can be attached to a belt, but we don’t mean that. When you buy this throwing knife set from Hibben Knives, they will kindly supply a paper target too. Add this target to a block of wood to get the games started. A nice touch! Wouldn’t you agree?


  • checkCompact design makes transporting easier
  • checkIdeal for no-spin throw techniques
  • checkMultiple machine-cut handle holes
  • checkBlack nylon sheath also included
  • checkPaper target included


  • cross-altSmaller than many competitors’ throwing knives


  • Brand Hibben Knives
  • Knife Type N/A
  • Set Three
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material Aus-6 Stainless steel
  • Dimension N/A

Böker Magnum Profi-I Throwing Knife Set

The penultimate throwing-knife set we want you to see comes from Böker. If you hadn’t already guessed by their brand name, these guys are German and highly skilled in engineering quality knife products. In fact, the company has been producing and refining their designs for more than 145 years! Anyone owning this knife can expect it to last a long time and throughout many tense throwing competitions.

These throwing knives have a simplistic design. They have a quality blade made from 420 stainless steel that won’t let you down. They also have excellent balance – despite being slightly longer than standard throwing knives and having cut-outs down the handle. These holes can be used to tie ribbons, cords, place your fingers for certain grips, and more.

When you buy this set of three throwing knives, you also get some extra perks. You don’t get a target paper like one of the previous models, but you do get a limited lifetime warranty. This gives you some extra peace of mind when choosing Böker throwing knives. You also get a durable and well-designed sheath to keep your knives protected. Travel and throw safely with these excellent throwing weapons!


  • checkSimplistic but effective and balanced design
  • checkEstablished and experienced brand
  • checkQuality German manufacturing
  • checkFinger holes down the grip
  • checkWarranty included
  • checkProtective sheath for safe transportation


  • cross-altSharp point susceptible to wear


  • Brand Böker
  • Knife Type N/A
  • Set Three
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath Yes
  • Material 420 stainless steel
  • Dimensions 6in x 1in x 1in

RMP Throwing Knife

The final throwing knife on our buyer guide is a bit different. Whereas the previous 15 options gave you a finalized knife, this last model is a blank. What that means is that it has no edge so you can grind your own edge to your own preferences. Naturally, this will appeal to many throwers who already have a preference but newbies or those unsure of how to make their own edge may be put off.

Even though the blade isn’t supplied ready for action, it remains high quality and extremely durable. It’s made from 1095 carbon steel which has been cut to blank using a CNC laser. It’s made in an annealed state, which means its temper is softened. This makes it easier to put your own edge onto it. For inexperienced guys taking on the challenge of putting their own stamp on this throwing knife, you may feel more assured knowing that RMP provides a laser cut profile to help you along. Those experienced in grinding and making edges can ignore this profile and tailor the blade their own way.

The only drawback from this throwing knife is due to it being supplied as a blank, RMP doesn’t supply a sheath to keep it protected. That’s not the sweet sound of a knife whirling towards a bullseye that you wanted to hear. However, if you grind your own edge, you’re more than capable of making a solid leather or nylon sheath! Wouldn’t you agree?


  • checkUnique blank throwing knife
  • checkTailor to your preferences
  • checkAnnealed state makes grinding easier
  • checkLaser-cut profile helps inexperienced grinders
  • checkCool minimalist aesthetics


  • cross-altNo sheath included
  • cross-altRequires further work


  • Brand RMP
  • Knife Type Raw edge
  • Set Single knife
  • Beginner Friendly Yes
  • Sheath No
  • Material 1095 carbon steel
  • Dimensions 8.3in x 1.2in x 0.2in


What Is The Difference Between Regular Knives And Throwing Knives?

Unlike the knife you use to tackle your steak, a throwing knife is considerably different. Just placing a regular knife from your cutlery draw against any type of throwing knife makes this obvious. In appearance, a throwing knife looks much meaner, even more colorful in some instances, but definitely more dangerous.

However, throwing knives do come in different sizes and designs. This is because the throwing knife has been around for centuries and exists in lots of different cultures across the globe. For that reason, various types of throwing knives have been designed and it’s almost impossible to state the exact differences between one of these and a regular knife. We’ll explain some of the different types in a moment, but one better way of categorically differentiating regular knives from throwing knives is not in their aesthetics, but in their uses.

Due to throwing knives being found in tribes and cultures in all four corners of the planet, the exact origins have never been fully understood. Instead, it seems that man has a natural instinct to make throwing knives. Just like your growing instinct to own one?

Yet, in all instances, the throwing knife has been used for similar purposes. Primarily, they were used for hunting and self-defense, which they could easily still be used for today. Tribes and hunters will throw these knives towards their intended catch of the day and continue to use these tools to carve open that evening’s dinner. Meanwhile, many military personnel are packing a throwing knife ready for up-close combat.

In more modern times, these knives have now become a piece of recreational sporting equipment. They are the tool for competitors in knife-throwing competitions, which are gaining popularity in Europe and the USA.

Some bars packed with mustache-twirling and beard-stroking hipsters are even offering playing arenas for groups of friends. You may also see throwing knives being used by magicians, involving trembling audience participants with a well-positioned apple on their head.  We don’t recommend trying this at home – if you enjoy having good vision, ears, and friendships.

What Types Of Throwing Knives Are Available? 

As we already mentioned, there are a variety of throwing-knife types out there due to the number of peoples who have used them over time. Some designs have stuck around for us to still enjoy while others have died out in the mainstream Western world. Here are some common types of throwing knives that are available on the current market.

Balanced throwing knife – balanced throwing knives are exactly what they say on the tin. The center of gravity of these knives is situated in the center of the knife between the handle and the blade. When thrown, these balanced throwing knives will produce a quick circular trajectory that looks really cool.

Blade-heavy throwing knife – again, just as expected, a blade-heavy throwing knife is one where the blade is heavier and bears the center of gravity within the blade of the object.

Handle-heavy throwing knife – on the other hand, the opposite weight distribution exists as you can just as easily get throwing knives with a handle which is heavier than their blade.

These two types of knives just mentioned are thrown differently depending on where the brunt of the weight sits. All will be revealed shortly when we explain the best technique for throwing a knife.

Kunai throwing knife – the kunai throwing knife is a design inspired by Japanese farmers. These farmers would use this unsharpened shovel-come-tool to work on their crops. It developed from a staple farm item into a weapon associated with ninjas. It has since developed into one of the most awesome designs on the throwing-knife scene.

Batarangs throwing knife – a Batarang was the choice of weapon for Batman. The term is a portmanteau of the words boomerang and bat. Therefore, a Batarang throwing knife is a bat-shaped throwing weapon which is as cool as it is effective.

If you want to know about the weight balance of your current throwing knives, use the fool-proof finger test. Simply rest the middle of the throwing knife on one outstretched index finger and see if it sits flat, or take note of which way it falls. Watch out for your toes and family pets when using this test.

With this in mind, which type of knife should you get? Are you more of a ninja or do you have a plan to save Gotham? This and the other key considerations you should be mulling over are coming up soon. First, however, how would you throw these knives? Beginners should listen up – or end up like Jonny!

How To Throw Throwing Knives And What Are The Best Tips For Beginners?

Before you get the guys around for a knife-throwing competition, you all need to know some basic throwing techniques for beginners. This is for your safety, your friends’ safety, and your dog’s safety.

Before you get into the correct technique, you need to create a safe space to play. Make an area safe by keeping well away from other people and pets. Make sure you also keep away from expensive things like cars, your man shed, or your wife’s favorite plants. Last but not least, put on your shoes! Ten toes are always better than nine toes.

Now that you have made your environment as safe as you can, it’s time to throw your knife as safely as possible. First, try to relax and release any tension from your body. Tension kills your technique and causes you to lose accuracy and compromise safety. Next, place one foot forward and one foot slightly back like one of those Egyptian hieroglyphs. However, unlike the Egyptians, you should still be wearing shoes! The foot you place forward should correspond with your dominating hand i.e. lefties put your left foot forward…

Whichever end of the knife you grab is dependent on the knife itself. If the blade is heavier than the handle then hold the blade, and vice versa. Throwing while holding the heaviest side achieves more power. This means the different types of knives we just listed will be held at different points depending on where their weight predominantly sits.

There are multiple grip techniques out there and none of them are deemed better than another. It really just comes down to personal preference and comfort. Yet, when starting out, it may be best to use the hammer grip. As the name suggests, grip the throwing knife like you would grip a hammer with your thumb resting on the side of the handle or blade. As you gain experience you can start to investigate the other grip options and find your favorite.

Top tip to practice at this stage: use a tennis ball to try and hit your target before grabbing your knife. This will help you visualize how the movement will play out.

Now you’re ready to hurl your throwing knife towards its target. Stay relaxed and imagine yourself hitting the target. To throw the knife, you must first bring it straight above your head. Then throw forwards towards the target. Upon release of the throwing knife, your arm should be fully extended.

The most important thing to remember when releasing the throwing knife is to not snap your wrists. Snapping your wrists down can alter the movement of the knife and cause inaccuracy. It can also cause the knife to not stick in its target and come straight back for you or your toes.

This is a basic technique for beginners. As you develop your skills, you will notice there are many more complex and impressive throwing methods to choose from.

How To Choose The Best Throwing Knife?

To help you decide which of the 16 quality throwing knives heading your way – not literally, we promise – is the best knife for you, we have put together some key considerations. These things are the most important to think over before buying a throwing knife. If you don’t take these into consideration for your specific need, you may as well be throwing your money away, as well as throwing the wrong knife.

Single or set – the first consideration is the number of knives you need. If this throwing knife is going to be part of a Bug-Out Bag for when the aliens land or the zombies arrive, you may just need one throwing knife. If you’re getting throwing knives to start competitions with the guys on your next camping trip, or for new half-time entertainment, it’s a different story. Unless everybody already has their own throwing knives, you will need a large set. Most sets come with at least three throwing knives but larger sets can range up into double fingers and come in a sophisticated case. We have both types below!

Type/weight – we already discussed how the design of a throwing knife is crucial to how it’s handled and thrown. You need to find a throwing knife that fits with you and your technique comfortably. For example, if you prefer to throw when holding the handle, you will be better off buying a handle-heavy throwing knife. Remember to consider the weight and balance of these throwing knives in line with your technique. This may be one of the most important considerations, if not the most important because it affects the whole throwing experience.

Length – tied in with the above, the length of the throwing knife is also important. It’s important that you get a size that fits your hand, your strength, and your ability levels. We recommend starting with the smaller or lighter models to begin with. This will ease you into the technique and prevent you from compromising on accuracy when trying to find more power. Frequent throwers should note that drastically changing the length of your throwing knives can cause your performance to dip because how it moves in the air will be different to what you’re accustomed to.

Sheath – you may also want to consider whether the throwing knives you’re weighing up come with a protective sheath or a protective equivalent. Most of them do, but some don’t. You may already have your own sheath, or you may be skilled enough to make one for yourself. For you guys, this isn’t a big deal, but it’s important to have something to protect your throwing knife and yourself while transporting it.

What Are The Best Brands For Throwing Knives?

Just like most products, some throwing knives are a cut above the rest. The better ones usually come from recognized brands that dedicate their business to tactical products or bladed products. When we shopped around to bring you the best throwing knives for men available at the moment, we gave many brands a chance. However, the same brands kept popping up on our radar. These brands take up a lot of the 16 spots here on our buyer guide because they consistently manufacture quality. Let’s get you acquainted with some of them:

Cold Steel Throwing Knives

Cold Steel is an American-based brand who have been at the forefront of throwing-knife innovations since they opened their doors in 1980. They have created some exceptional knife designs which have gone on to become the hallmark of quality across the knife industry. Some examples of their creativity include the reliable Kraton handles and the outstanding Tri-Ad locking technology.

Smith and Wesson Throwing Knives

Smith and Wesson may be better known for their immense selection of quality firearms. Yet, this American company has also proven they can make quality throwing knives just as well. This isn’t surprising because they are one of the most experienced sellers on the market. In fact, they have been providing their quality products to satisfied customers for more than 150 years.

Gil Hibben Throwing Knives

Gill Hibben and his namesake company may be based in the Mid-West, but their throwing knives always seem to make their way to Hollywood studios. They don’t throw that far, but they certainly are earning their slice of the market for their proven performance and because they frequently feature in some of our favorite screenings.

It all started when Mr. Hibben made his own knife at the age of 15 because he couldn’t afford his own throwing knife. He then went on to develop his mastery, build a business, and create exquisite throwing knives that can be found in multiple films, including Rambo and Star Trek!

SOG Throwing Knives

SOG is a brand which is shortened for SOG Specialty Knives. Do we need to say more? SOG is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the tactical- and combat-gear scene. They are churning out lots of quality, but their knives are arguably top of the pile. They shot to fame for replacing the aptly named SOG knife used in the Vietnam War. It just so happens, one of SOG’s coolest creations is first up on our showcase of the best throwing knives for men…

Found A Throwing Knife That’s On Point?

Unfortunately, that’s all from us on the knife-throwing scene. We searched high, low and around the bullseye for the best throwing knives currently on the market. We did a lot of research so we could bring you an informed showcase. We hope you were able to find a model for your needs from the likes of SOG, Hibben, or the other quality brands above.

As always, thanks for checking in with the team here at Men’s Gear and letting us help you find the best of the best when it comes to products men want and need. Now, we better start helping to look for Jonny’s ear again…