One of the most common things we all have is dropping our phones. No matter how well we take care of them usually, something always tends to happen. A proper case to protect them can be useful for sure. The best phone case brands will know how to protect your phone well, while also adding useful features.

Some of these features may include water resistance, dust resistance, and much more. The iPhone is likely the most common phone that people buy cases for these days.

Overall, the iPhone is quite expensive and cases are heavily needed to protect that investment.

A lot of the time, the best phone case brands make their cases similar to things like wallets or holders and cases for business. Meanwhile, others make them similar to what you might see in leather portfolios. Truly, the design and use of each case can differ.

They are specifically designed for protection above all else. That means that any single case you might come across from these phone case brands will all be perfectly suited to protect your iPhone or Android device. That said, let’s go over those brands and explain why they are so good at their job.



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The Spigen company stands out among phone case brands for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons for this is that they seem to cover every phone one might have today. They even have cases for older phones out of circulation.

Of course, not every single phone from the past is covered here. They mostly have cases for those that they know people will have today.

However, every time there is a new phone, they also make a case to fit it. Whether it’s the future Galaxy 43 or the iPhone 59, they will have a case that perfectly fits.

The real struggle is how to pick among the phone cases they have. When it comes to the phone you own, it is easy to narrow down the choices for this. Yet for some phones, Spigen has a major list of cases you’ll need to decide on.

Spigen Cases

The list of Spigen cases is quite vast, as they have a lot of phones that they cover. The main list of these cases is similar for each phone. They are merely altered to fit the phone they are protecting.

Not all case lines will be involved in each phone, but they usually tend to be. These are the current types you can view with them:

  • Hybrid
  • Ultra Hybrid
  • Neo Hybrid
  • Hybrid Crystal
  • Rugged Armor
  • Thin Fit
  • Case Wallet
  • Liquid Air
  • Liquid Crystal
  • Slim Armor
  • Tough Armor
  • Slim Armor Crystal
  • Crystal Shell
  • Screen Protector Full Cover
  • Jet White™ Fit
  • Jet Black™ Fit
  • Capsule Capella

There are many others beyond those, but they are mere variations of the versions of them. They are all well made as well. The main situation between them has to do with Android and the iPhone.

Each version made for the iPhone contains the Apple logo on the back of the case. This logo is viewable too, so you know it is for the iPhone. They also have multiple cases made mostly for Android or mostly for iPhone.

However, many like the liquid crystal drift from phone to phone. They are all water resistant on the back and some involve screen protectors on top of it to make full water or dust resistance possible.

Price Range:

The price range for each case from Spigen is all reasonable and industry standard among other phone case brands. You’ll usually spend somewhere around $25. However, the price range drifts between $15 and $40, and somewhere in between.

Each case also comes with a 2-year Warranty. This usually covers most any issue the case . might have. However, it won’t cover every single thing. To learn more about what the warranty covers, click here.

The company also offers free shipping on all domestic orders. This is the United States only, of course. To learn more about how this works, special considerations, and much more, you can click here to see the shipping information.



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Incipio happens to be an award-winning phone case brand that clearly does well with their products. They actually make several different protectors beyond phone cases. They also make protective cases for the Tablet and iPad.

One of the things we love with Incipio is their absolutely terrific case appearances. They do their best to make sure everything looks good, no matter what case you choose.

They cover a ton of phones. Every newer phone is covered, of course. However, they go back all the way to the iPhone 5 versions as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8 versions too. They also have several other types of cases for the Blackberry, Motorola, and many more.

The Incipio Case Lines

The case lines for Incipio are already considered impressive. However, they do seem to offer a lot of newer case types too. While the colors are quite vast for them, they also have specific cases made for specific needs. These are the current lines:

  • Core Series
  • Esquire Series
  • Design Series
  • Oh Joy!
  • TheMintGardener
  • Essential

Meanwhile, they also have some categorized by the finish of the case too. Those are:

  • Fabric
  • Soft Touch
  • Grip
  • Scratch Resistant

Of course, the finish determines the specific features their phone cases have. Meanwhile, the type and series they are will mostly concern the design of the case. Both are relatively self-explanatory in what they can do.

Price Range:

The prices for Incipio are relatively standard among other phone case brands. With this brand, you’ll spend somewhere between $15 to $50. The average between these two is $30 and $40.

Each case has a guaranteed 1-year Warranty. If you want to find out about what the warranty covers, you can click here to do so.

They do not offer free shipping, but if you want to see what the prices are for shipping, you can click here to do so. The price differences as well as how long it takes to get a case sent to you will be determined mostly on the country you live in and how far it is from where the item is shipped from.



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Lifeproof cases are some of the most popular in the world today. The name of the company truly describes their products perfectly. They protect your phone’s life better than most. Due to their products becoming so popular, they have developed several different types of cases.

Lifeproof cases do not really have a line set only for Android or iPhone. This means the case lines cover each version, with some phones not covered by specific lines. The case lines are all useful, but like others on this list, the lines offer something different in their features.

While they offer cases for just about every newer phone on the market, they completely cover the iPhone and Samsung market the most. They cover all the way back to the iPhone 5 while they cover the Samsung Galaxy all the way back to the Galaxy S6.

What are the main case lines the company has? Let’s go over them.

Lifeproof Case Lines

The Lifeproof brand has several case lines, but not all of the lines cover every single phone one might come across. The newer iPhones and Galaxy devices seem to, but they are among the few. The lines at Lifeproof are:

  • FRĒ
  • NËXT
  • SLAM

A few offer a waterproof case for your phone. Meanwhile, others offer mostly scratch resistance. Each is quite useful and they’re perfect for any phone you might have.

Price Range:

The average prices for Lifeproof cases are a bit higher than the industry standard among phone case brands. You’ll spend anywhere between $40 and $90 for a proper case with the Lifeproof brand.

They offer a warranty for your case but it depends on where you bought it from, how long ago you bought it, and the type of issue you might have on your phone. If you’d like to look into this further, you can click here to do so.

Shipping differs depending on where you’re from. All on the mainland United States are given free shipping on the cases. Any outside of the country will be charged shipping costs that are priced depending on how far the package needs to be sent.



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Mophie is a well-known battery brand that makes various types of power banks. In fact, there is not a phone still in circulation that Mophie does not make some sort of charger for. This is quite amazing.

However, Mophie began to step out in the last year with their decision to go toward cases for both Android and iPhone devices. This is pretty important, as they very well could begin to make even more in the coming years.

For now, it’s only one type of case. However, it is such an important case that it needs to be recognized for its extreme usefulness.

Mophie Juice Pack

The Mophie Juice Pack Series is among the very best phone cases in the world right now. It has the ability to charge your phone for you while it is inside the case. You power the battery inside the case before you might use it.

Once this is done, you’ll be capable of charging your phone on the go regardless of where you are. This case not only charges the iPhone or Android devices, but it’s also durable and nearly impossible to break.

There are different variations to the Juice Pack as well. One being called the Juice Pack Air, with another being called the Juice Pack Access. This equals out to three technical Juice Pack types. They also have “base cases” that are nothing special but protect the phone a bit as well.

Price Range:

The price range for all the Juice Pack cases sits around $100. This is a bit higher than the industry standard in phone case brands. However, you’re going to get one of the best phone cases in the world right now.

They added a warranty as well, which currently sits at 2 Years for the phone cases. If you want to learn more about how the warranty works and what it covers, click here to do so.

The shipping can vary in price as well as how long it takes to get a phone case from Mophie depending on how far you are from the United States. Typically it takes a few days to get any product from them. However, it may take a week or two if you’re much further out.

Currently, shipping in the U.S. is free.



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The Otterbox brand is known as one of the very best phone case brands on the planet today. It is hard not to pick them over several others, mostly because they are an exciting brand who can nearly do no wrong.

Their cases are legendarily perfect at protecting your phone. They can be considered waterproof or water resistant, scratch resistant, as well as dust resistant. The type you might see tends to be based on the Otterbox you choose.

Certain features may not be seen in all phones, of course. The Otterbox series list is quite vast, as they have both regular and special made products. We’ll be separating those so you know which is which.

The Otterbox Collection

As mentioned, Otterbox has a vast collection of phone cases. They’re all well made, but each series offers something different. This may be different on design or what it can do. The collection breaks down like this:

  • Defender Series
  • Commuter Series
  • Symmetry Series
  • Strada Series
  • Statement Series
  • Statement Series Modern
  • Pursuit Series
  • Defender Pro Series
  • Traction Series
  • Vue Series
  • Figura Series
  • Otter+Pop Defender Series
  • Otter+Pop Symmetry Series
  • Otterbox
  • Alpha Glass
  • Amplify

While these are the main types of cases you’ll come across, they do have special cases too. These are typically based only on design, however. The brands they have collections on include:

  • Marvel
  • Disney
  • Star Wars
  • Pixar
  • Pop Sockets
  • Style Collection

The Marvel ones break down mostly to Avengers, Spider-Man & Venom, Deadpool, and Guardians of the Galaxy. The Pixar version includes the Incredibles and Toy Story. Meanwhile, the Disney portion includes Mickey’s 90th, Princess Power, Classics, and Totally Disney.

They are incredibly well made and hardened to where they will keep your phone safe and out of harm’s way.

Price Range:

The prices you’ll pay for Otterbox phone cases are pretty reasonable. They are sort of mid-range compared to other phone case brands. Here you’ll spend anywhere between $20 and $70. It appears that the special design cases are sold for more than the regular at times.

The Otterbox brand offers free shipping to all customers inside the United States. If you’re outside the country, they charge for shipping depending on how far out you might be.

Like the Lifeproof cases, Otterbox has a warranty on their cases. However, you have to search into it depending on the phone and where you buy it from. To check into that more, you can click here.

Overview Of The Best Phone Case Brands

As you noticed from this spectacular list of phone case brands, every single one make cases built to protect. The concept of any brand in this field is to do just that. However, some like to go above and beyond in this department. This leads to several cases that protect while also adding other features.

The ability to help phones become nearly waterproof and completely dust resistant is impressive for sure. However, it is even cooler to see those that act as battery packs as well. How cool is it that you can just place a phone in a case and it charges the entire time, avoiding the need to lug around a charger?

Some of today’s phone case brands have developed those. While some mainly protect against drops or random falls, this should not be considered less than. After all, the concept of a case is simply to protect with other features being nice add-ons. The best thing is that you even get to pick the appearance for most of them too.

While we’re certain you’ll love these phone case brands, we’re even more certain you’ll love their collection of cases too. That said, we recommend you check into all of them and find the best case at the best price for you today!

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