You may be planning to travel this summer or possibly later in the year for the holiday season. If so, you’re going to need proper luggage cases to get things done well. The best luggage brands know what you need and have made products that perfectly handle this for you.

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Some may ask why they shouldn’t just use things like gym bags or even rolltop backpacks. Both can handle a lot of items being placed inside of them, right? While they are both fantastic, they were never really meant for major travel. They were always meant for travel on the move as well as short destinations.

If you are driving from Atlanta to New Orleans, sure, a gym bag or rolltop backpack could work just fine. They’re even good for spending the night at a friend’s place for a few days. However, if you’re seeking to take a plane ride across the country or planning to head to another country altogether, proper luggage can be a lifesaver.

Luggage brands make products that divide everything up and help you keep track of it all. They are also big enough to handle both your crazy cool Tropical Hawaiian t-shirts, cargo shorts, and pocket t-shirts along with the addition of larger clothing items like ripped jeans.

At the same time, they’ll still have the room to handle additional items like medication, hair products, and other personal items you might carry. Then on top of this, it’ll protect these items with incredibly tough cases. Many of which are even waterproof. With that said, you really should check out these impressive luggage brands. You can thank us later!



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If you’re trying to find a place that sells some of the best luggage products in the world, it is hard to ignore TUMI. They have been at this for quite a while. As weird as it might seem to be, it is not actually strange to find out that TUMI has been swapped around a lot.

TUMI began in 1975, founded by Charlie Clifford after he got home from a stint in Peru as a member of the Peace Corps. They were bought in 2004 after years of working outside the system by Doughty Hanson & Co.

After going public in 2012, they became a much bigger deal in the world of luggage brands and are now standouts. In 2016, Samsonite, another luggage brand, agreed to pay $1.8 Billion for TUMI. Upon the acquisition, TUMI remained separate to this day.

This is why they made it to our best luggage brands list, rather than being looped in with Samsonite. In fact, TUMI offers its main line of products that help it differ from the other brand which we will talk about later.

What makes TUMI such a desirable brand to buy from? Let’s examine that.

TUMI Luggage

TUMI manages to stand out due to its impressive luggage styles and types. They have everything you need but also offer options for luggage that you just won’t see from other luggage brands. The way to differentiate them is to look at their hardshell model.

It is what many believe TUMI does better than most, as it truly is what put them on the map. They offer a ton of types, however. What type of luggage are you looking for? It is likely that TUMI will have an item to fit your needs. This is what they offer:

  • Carry-On Luggage
  • Checked Luggage
  • Wheeled Duffels
  • Wheeled Briefcases
  • Garment Bags

As you can tell, they have you covered in just about any luggage type you’re looking for. But what type of material are they made out of? TUMI actually has a lot of options here too. At the brand, you can find:

  • Hardside
  • Fabric
  • Ballistic
  • Leather
  • Textured Fabric

Remember the Hardshell option mentioned before? TUMI technically has two types of this, they prefer to call it the Ballistic material. However, their Hardside type also works here depending on what you’re looking for.

Both are fantastic options that TUMI ultimately does amazingly well with. However, they are fantastic all around too. They have several different lines or collections you can buy too. Those are:

  • 19 Degree Aluminum
  • Alpha 3
  • Arrivé
  • Ashton
  • CFX
  • Merge
  • Tegra-Lite®
  • TUMI Latitude
  • TUMI V3

When looking closer at the bags, we were able to see stark differences in every single version. This meant that literally of the bags differed in some way, shape, or form. Whether it was a harder outside surface, more room, the size, or something else…differences were noticed pretty easily.

Most of their luggage comes with the TUMI Tracer® which helps you find your bag if it is lost. Essentially, it can help you track down where it ended up. Many airports that see the TUMI name know about this and will often contact the person directly.

However, if you do not get a call about it, you can still track down the bag. Stolen or lost, this helps to cut down on never seeing your bag again for sure.

The lock on the TUMI bags is also TSA Approved. They actually have a built-in TSA combination lock. They usually call the locks used on the luggage the Lever Lock™ two-stage expansion system. However, not all bags have this type of lock on them. Yet they all have the TSA lock.

Price Range:

The real struggle with TUMI luggage has and may always be their prices. While they can be even with other luggage brands at times, they are more expensive than some too. Truly, it depends on the brand you’re looking at on that one too.

TUMI is known as a luxury suitcase brand for a good reason. However, the brand has clearly shown that they make products worth the price you pay for them. The addition of their notable TUMI Tracer® also offers a lot more peace of mind.

While you’ll spend anywhere between $400 and $2,000 for luggage at TUMI, that peace of mind is important. The bags are also made incredibly well and won’t randomly pop open out of nowhere like lesser luggage brands (none on this list) happen to do.

They also offer online exclusive sales. You could literally buy a cheaper bag just because you decided to buy it online. To see their current online exclusives, click here.

TUMI also offers free shipping on some orders but then charge standard fees for others. Yet the company does do free returns if you need to send back a bag. To find out more about how returns work among other things surrounding them, click here.

They also have a warranty on all of their luggage. It used to be a Lifetime Guarantee before they were purchased in years ago. The standard then went to 5 years for all items. Samsonite has kept to that same philosophy mostly.

However, it is only the luggage that gets this. One new addition was a worry-free first year of use where TUMI covered everything you can think of happening to the luggage in that time. It then goes to standard warranty material for the remaining years.

This also only covers the original owner, so if it is ever sold at a yard sale or something in the next year or two after purchase, the warranty won’t be valid for the new owner. To find out more about how the warranty works at TUMI, click here.



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Founded by Jesse Shwayder in 1910 in Blackhawk, Colorado the Samsonite brand has slowly crawled its way to one of the top luggage brands in the world. Jesse was a religious man and named his company after the biblical character named Samson.

Noted for his strength and lovers, the tale of Samson is one of the best biblical stories there is. It has been told in other religious texts as well. The name of Samson, developing into Samsonite, made sense for a company. People want strong luggage that can hold up in nearly any condition you put it in.

Heck, they are currently traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. That should tell you where they are today.

Today the company is based in Luxembourg City in the nation of the same name minus the city part. The Schwayder family owned and ran the company until it was sold in 1973 to Beatrice Foods. After this, the brand was sold off several times over the years.

CVC Capital Partners eventually ended up with it in 2007 and it has been with them ever since. Initially struggling in the late 2000s, things picked up by 2012. They were able to buy up several brands and have now become one of the biggest brands in the luggage industry.

What helps them stand out today? Let’s examine that.

Samsonite Luggage

One of the biggest things that Samsonite offers may very well be their expansive choices. It seems they have something for anything you might need, even the most random of things too. They label out their luggage pretty well to help you find what you need.

A lot of brands loop stuff together but Samsonite simply cannot. They have so many luggage items that they need to categorize them all or you’d spend days trying to find what you need.

With that said, what are the choices they offer? Indeed, what are the types of luggage you can find at Samsonite? Check these out:

  • Carry On Luggage
  • Checked Luggage
  • Fits 22″ x 14″ x 9″
  • Hardside Luggage
  • Softside Luggage
  • Spinner Luggage
  • Luggage Sets
  • Underseat Luggage
  • Garment Bags
  • Bags and Totes

You’ll notice that unlike some brands, they have Underseat luggage as well as Luggage sets. It is common to see sets from smaller brands that are selling them at rock bottom prices. Yet if you’re looking at one of the top luggage brands out there, you expect everything to be sold separately.

Meanwhile, you also expect Underseat Luggage to be common too. It’s really not in the industry but Samsonite has so many choices for luggage that they have no choice but to make this a category. The brand also has several lines or collections to choose from.

When we say several, you may assume there’s a good ten or even fifteen. While Samsonite does have that many, they also have over a dozen more too. Check them out:

  • ECO-NU
  • SXK

Of course, most of them say “Samsonite” in front of the main name but we felt adding that for all would be overkill. Samsonite Freeform and Samsonite Pivot have the most items in their collection with 19 and 13 respectively.

All of the luggage collections have a TSA lock. Many others are spinners, with wheels that are capable of spinning and going anywhere you decide. Others have a built-in battery, allowing you to connect to a USB port and charge your devices while on the flight.

This is mostly a feature you’ll find in the carry-on luggage but some of the other bags have it too. Other luggage from the Samsonite brand has a WetPak™ pocket.

This is a place used to store liquid or a place to put things with liquid in them to avoid anything getting on your other contents inside the bag should something bust or burst. This can be larger or smaller depending on the bag it’s in too.

Most of the bags come in various color schemes too.

Price Range:

One very important thing to point out with Samsonite is that they have some of the best prices you’ll find in the world of luggage. They make products that are equal to the type you see from other impressive luggage brands, but charge less for them.

This might be due to where they are based, as they can make products for a bit less in Europe as opposed to America. They also do not count themselves among the “luxury luggage brands” either.

Most bags will be pretty affordable. Buying the bags single, on their own, will be a bit more expensive as opposed to sets. However, some only sell in the single format if the collection they are in calls for it.

You can buy bags on their own between $80 and $700. This is really good if you ask us. Plus, they only have a few at the $700 level. Well over 70% of the bags are less than $500.

They have 7 different luggage sets you can buy. You can buy any of them for prices between $170 and $750. This is pretty impressive for such a well-made set of luggage.

Currently, the brand is going through major sales of more than half off of certain products. However, they have online deals all the time, so we highly recommend you check them out throughout the year to see if they have a deal that fits your budget.

They charge standard fees for shipping, regardless of where it is going. However, they often run specials that allow for free standard shipping on all orders at $99 or over. To find out all of the shipping options, click here.

Samsonite also has a pretty impressive set of warranties. They claim that their luggage is “worldproof.” This led them to call their warranty the Samsonite Limited Global Warranty.

It depends on what you have under warranty, but the two major warranties they have are for 10-years and 5-years respectively. To find out more about the warranties and to know what items fall under which warranty, click here.

3Victorinox Altmont Active Rolltop Backpack


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At Men’s Gear, it has been pretty well known that Victorinox has been a favorite brand of ours in many categories. They do a lot of things very well, clearly. The Switzerland-based brand is notable for its impressive Swiss watches and Swiss Army Knives.

They also make incredible multi-tools too. Yet an unsung part about Victorinox that people forget about at times is that they are amazing at making travel gear. They do so well with it that we could not avoid adding them to this list.

Many people rank the Victorinox brand highly among their favorite luggage brands. How could Men’s Gear be any different? Let’s dive into them!

Victorinox Luggage

Like other luggage brands, they separate their options out a bit into categories that fit your specific needs in a flight or travel situation. These are their main categories for luggage:

  • Carry-On Bags
  • Checked Luggage
  • Briefcases
  • Duffel Bags and Totes
  • Backpacks & Messengers

They are all pretty impressive, but Victorinox also likes to organize things a bit more by categorizing them all into collections. These are all the collections at the brand involved with luggage that we found:

  • Architecture Urban
  • Lexicon Hardside
  • Lexicon 2.0
  • Spectra 2.0
  • Altmont 3.0
  • Lexicon Professional
  • Altmont Professional
  • Werks Professional
  • Connex
  • Werks Traveler 6.0
  • VX Touring
  • VS Sport
  • Altmont Original
  • Victoria
  • Victoria 2.0

Anything that falls under “professional” mostly will be briefcases or messenger type bags. Be sure to keep that in mind when browsing the collections. Another thing to keep in mind too is that none of the similar-name collections are similar to each other.

Lexicon and Victoria collections, for example, could not be more different in all of their versions. This is due to each representing a different bag type. Since they represent the type, they cannot be similar to each other.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a need for more than one collection, of course.

Keep in mind that the word “collection” is a pretty loose term with some brands but not with Victorinox. Anything in the collection is supposed to match up as a complete set.

Unlike some brands, the different types of luggage all have a similarity that keeps them related, regardless of what they happen to be. So it is worth getting them to complete the set at the end of the day. Keep all of this in mind when shopping.

Price Range:

Victorinox sort of falls in the median between the cheapest luggage brands and the most expensive. Some of their prices beat that of the lower brands while others go a bit higher than expected.

Ultimately, the prices have to do with the type of luggage you’re buying and how big or small it happens to be.

Some have tech in them like a battery, which means they’re going to be more expensive as a rule. That said, the products go for anywhere between $160 and $600. As we mentioned earlier, it’s truly in the median.

They offer both free shipping and free returns, which seems to go universally regardless of where you live.

All Travel Gear has what they call a Limited Global Lifetime Guarantee. For the first 5 years of the purchase, just about anything you need fixed will be taken care of. However, at the 6-year mark and beyond, you’ll have a bit less protection.

To learn more about the Victorinox warranty, click here.



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Away Travel or Away Luggage is pretty popular on social media, but the reason for this is understandable. While some believe the popularity has become a “monkey see, monkey do” situation, more people see it as a great brand than a fad.

This is extremely important to mention too. A lot of the time, there are “IN” things that fade out of popularity. However, the Away brand became a pretty big deal in 2020 and that has only continued into 2021.

What makes them stand out? Their battery in the luggage.

There was a bit of an issue with a company in 2018 when airlines began to ban “smart luggage” with Lithium-Ion batteries in them. While it does make sense to believe that certain devices can mess with the plane, the luggage bag could not do such a thing.

Yet they banned anyway and that was going to hurt the model that Away had started to build its name on. But they found a clever way around it. While they do have a battery that charges your phone, laptop, and more…it’s actually ejectable.

They even sell the luggage without the battery for those that do not want it. Although we cannot possibly see why one wouldn’t want it there.

For airlines that do not want batteries on planes or those with Bluetooth capability in any way, this is a handy feature. What more makes them stand out? Let’s examine!

Away Travel Luggage

One of the coolest things about this brand is that they have a unique and truly brilliant marketing team. They have worked with several different companies and celebrities to create bags that go with their brand.

They have worked with Disney on a Star Wars item, the NBA, Rashida Jones, and many more. That only helped to gain more notoriety since the company began in 2015. While these marketing ploys did well for them, everyone seems to love the bags too.

Due to the ejectable battery, all of the bags are now TSA approved. They have an interior compression system and they are made from a tough, durable, polycarbonate shell. They even have 360-degree spinner wheels.

Since they have so many impressive luggage bags, they have categorized them based on size and use. These are the options:

  • The Carry-On
  • The Bigger Carry-On
  • Medium
  • Large
  • The Carry-On with Pocket
  • The Bigger Carry-On with Pocket
  • Kid’s Carry-On

They also have a tremendous Aluminum edition version of the first 4 on that list. These are even more durable than the main lines themselves. They even have a “Make A Set” option that allows you to do exactly what it says, make a luggage set.

This can save money due to the asking to do this as well. That said, it’s well worth the investment. Other than the Aluminum edition, they also offer several color options.

Price Range:

Away Travel prices are pretty impressive when you compare them to all other luggage brands currently in the industry. The make your own luggage set is the first thing to follow here, as it sells for $450 and they offer a “uniform” option for $325.

The average cost for the single version luggage is $200 to $300. The special Aluminum version sells from $475 to $600 on the average piece.

They offer free shipping to the mainland United States, but only for the standard type. The faster you want it, the more the shipping fee is going to cost. To find the full information on how shipping works for Away, click here.

Away also offers a Limited Lifetime Guaranteed Warranty. This covers the basic issues one might have with their luggage. However, they do not fix things you do that maliciously destroys the item and things of that nature.

Meanwhile, the battery in the luggage is covered with a 2-year Warranty.

To find out more about how their warranty works for everything, click here.


Herschel Supply Co.

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The Herschel Supply Co. sells a lot of stuff but they are most famous for their backpacks. Yet they have also developed a huge following in the world of luggage too. So much so, they have become one of the top luggage brands in the industry.

It is hard to overlook them when making a list like this simply because of what they offer the luggage community and the price they ask for it. They have done a lot in the last number of years, which is quite impressive.

They were only founded in 2009, making them 10 years old as a company this year. Brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack named the company the Herschel Supply Co. It was done to honor the home town the entire family grew up in for three generations.

Now based in Vancouver, Canada the brand has become one of the most talked about in the bagging industry. It is not hard to see why due to the detail and impressive style they have with their bags.

Not only are you getting a quality, durable bag, you are also getting what many believe to be a work of art. Let’s dive into what makes Herschel a must-see and must-have brand in the luggage industry.

Herschel Supply Co. Travel Bags

Like many great luggage brands, the Herschel brand likes to separate their products out when it concerns different types of bags. This can also be said about collections or lines certain bags fall under. Herschel mostly categorizes them based on these areas:

  • Hard-Shell
  • Soft-Shell
  • Carry-On
  • Check-In

Like the away brand, they too have bags that included a USB power source. They call these the “Trade Luggage Power.” The battery is internal, which makes it kinda hard to remove. However, the Herschel brand found a way around this.

They now have something known as an Inset Travel Sentry® Approved TSA combination zipper lock. This essentially helps them get past the TSA with the overall bag too. All major airlines accept these as carry-on items currently.

While we’ve spoken about the “Trade” line of luggage, there are others within the Herschel brand. Those are:

  • Highland
  • Outfitter Wheelie
  • Outfitter Luggage

There is not a lot of difference in these as far as what they are for. However, the design and overall look of the bags are incredibly different.

The brands mentioned above actually go with the four different types of luggage too. The Highland is the soft-shell type while the Trade collection is the hard-shell. Meanwhile, the Carry-On involves both.

However, the check-in seems to include all the different lines or collections. This is not even including their impressive travel duffels that are all impressively designed. Many of them are also quite affordable and useful for multiple different things.

Price Range:

At the Herschel Supply Co., you will not spend nearly as much as you may spend at other luggage brands. Technically speaking, Herschel offers the lowest priced travel gear that we can find in the major luggage brands.

The Duffels will cost between $70 to $120. Meanwhile, the main luggage products, each sold separately, costs $150 to $300.

Herschel offers free standard shipping to the United States, which is nice to see. They also have a warranty, though it is not very easy to find when you look on their website. They have this to say about their warranty:

“We stand behind the quality of our bags and accessories with a Limited Lifetime Warranty — our guarantee that every Herschel Supply item is free of material and manufacturing defects.

This warranty is valid for the duration of the original purchaser’s lifetime, beginning on the date of purchase from an authorized Herschel Supply retailer and subject to applicable laws. The warranty will immediately become void if the product is purchased from an unauthorized retailer.

Our Luggage & Apparel Limited Warranty is listed in section 05. The Luggage & Apparel Limited Warranty is valid for 5 years, beginning on the date of purchase from an authorized Herschel Supply retailer and subject to applicable laws. The warranty will immediately become void if the product is purchased from an unauthorized retailer.”

This seems like a pretty fair warranty policy in our opinion. It’s actually one of the best we’ve seen if we’re honest about it. If you want to find out more about how their warranty policy works, you can click here to see more.

Overview Of The Best Luggage Brands

As you will surely have seen by the luggage brands above, it can be of major importance to carry proper travel gear with you when you go. Sure, some traveling may be simple and short. For those, it’s perfectly cool not to need much if you’re asking our opinion. However, depending on high maintenance you might be, perhaps you may need luggage anyway.

As men, we also have to look out for that one always inevitable thing. What happens when you travel with a woman? She will need more space for her stuff than you. That also means, possibly, she may need to take up some of your luggage too. It’s perfectly understandable she’d need the extra space and it is our job to make her happy, right?

Due to this, you’re going to need luggage products for that unexpected situation. Luggage brands have your back in every single way there. These items are tough and can handle falling off of things without ripping open. They can also handle random passers-by that may bump into you.

Long gone are the days of luggage cases popping open randomly. You can even wheel them around for easy mobility, which makes them even more useful. Regardless of how strong you are, it can be a chore carrying around a lot of bags. So anything that can make the experience easier is perfect.

Most travel has to do with vacation, so why do that much work when you’re supposed to be taking time away from it?

Whatever you need, these luggage brands have you covered. Don’t believe us? Check them out today and see for yourself!

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