Wedding bands are no longer a “women’s thing”… Modern men can now flaunt their wedding bands as women do. If you are looking to buy a men’s wedding band for your big day and after—and don’t want to buy just anything—this post is for you!

You’re neither doing too much nor being overzealous when you are giving it a 110℅ to find the perfect ring for yourself. Your wedding band is a symbol of your love and you’re going to be wearing it every day; So, you need to get something that is trendy, stylish, and comfortable.

To help you make the best choice, this post will walk you through the various trendy and unique men’s wedding bands ranging from traditional rings to customized modern designs.

Best and Trendy Men’s Wedding Bands (2023)

It will be very easy to find the best and trendy men’s wedding bands to buy after going through this post. Below are some of our top picks from some popular men’s wedding band websites like 

1.    Gold Wedding Bands

Gold is a perfect and timeless wedding band for all types of jewelry. It can be easily maintained, is universal, and speaks luxury. Gold wedding bands come in three shades: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

Below are the best-rated and all-time trendy gold wedding bands for men:

●      14K Yellow Gold Average weight Comfort Fitting Wedding Ring

This is a classic wedding band made of polished yellow gold with a timeless look and curved edges for comfort, making it simple to glide on and off.

It is also lightweight and made of 14K gold, the most popular fineness level of gold. It is a fantastic choice if you want a stylish and durable ring. 

●      14K White Gold Black Diamond Wedding Ring

This ring has a sophisticated design and is a bit different; it’s perfect for men who need originality in their wedding ring. It has six vertical rows of black diamonds— each comprising 18 diamonds and 0.47ct. 

●      18K Yellow Gold Half-Round Migrain Wedding Ring

This ring has a dotted milgrain pattern lining with an attractive and polished/shiny finish in the middle of the band. The ring is slightly more stylish and original than the average wedding band.

2.    Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum is among the rarest and most valuable metals for making wedding bands and other jewelry. Its value is high due to its durability, rarity, and beauty; it’s a heavy-duty metal and even more durable than gold— It’s considered one of the most important accessories every man should own.

In addition, platinum has great elegance and speaks luxury. Below are the best and trendy platinum men’s wedding bands: 

●      Classic Low Dome Platinum Wedding Band

This is the perfect ring for men looking to show their affection to their spouse without being overt about it. This ring design is timeless, sleek, lightweight, and plain. It’s also one of the most popular wedding bands for men because it has no features that can stop a man from attending to his daily routine. 

●      Classic Flat Comfort Fit Platinum Wedding Ring

The durability and beauty of platinum make this ring a perfect classic, stunning, and simple ring. The string nature of platinum and its resistance to scratches pushes its brightness to the fore, making your ring spotless and pristine.

●      Double Polish Split Platinum Men’s Wedding Band

This wedding band has a satin top finish and two high polish split to make it more stylish. It takes up a big portion of the finger allowing the man to make a bold statement even without any diamonds or gems attached.

3.    Titanium Men’s Wedding Bands

Titanium is another popular ring metal, a classic and affordable alternative to gold and platinum. It can give a polished shiny finish or a brushed matte finish. Titanium has a very masculine appearance—hence, it is mostly used for men’s jewelry.

Additionally, it is very durable, as it is one of the strongest metals in the world. It’s the perfect choice for men with an active work life or lifestyle. Below are some of the best titanium wedding bands for men: 

●      Black Titanium Brushed Finish

The black titanium brushed finish is a great and popular choice of titanium wedding bands for men. This kind of ring is special because of its strength and durability.

Also, it is resistant to corrosion or scratches, which makes it an excellent choice for a wedding ring— since wedding bands are meant to be for a lifetime.

●      Black Satin Finish Titanium and 14K Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

If you are looking for a more stylish and unique titanium ring, black satin finish titanium and a 14k yellow gold wedding band is the right choice for you. It has a great balance and fits perfectly. It can come in white or yellow gold on the edges to give the ring a stylish and interesting look.

Other Trendy Men’s Wedding Bands

Bezel Emerald Cut Diamond Wedding Bands

This ring is a must-have for every man. The gleaming emerald cut diamonds are spaced out around 5mm making the wedding band more fashionable and elegant. Also, this wedding band can go with any type of outfit you wear.

Classic Knife Edge Wedding Band

This wedding band gives a smooth design, it comes in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum and at 5mm even though it appears thinner when you look at it.

The ring is suitable for any man looking for something thick and at the same time prefers the feel of a thin wedding band.

Split Satin Top Men’s Wedding Band

For those men who like simplicity yet still want to make a statement with what they wear, this wedding ring is a perfect fit. It comes in white gold and platinum at 5mm. It’s wide, has a unique design, and presents both a satin and polished finish.

Classic Low Dome Men’s Wedding Band

This is a unique design wedding band that doesn’t go out of style. It comes at 3 mm in width, and it’s perfect for men who like smaller wedding bands. It also comes in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum.

Best Materials for Men’s Wedding Bands

There are tons of different materials used for producing men’s wedding rings. Listed below are some of the top materials:


Platinum is a classic, elegant, and luxurious choice for men’s wedding bands. This material for men’s rings never goes out of style, and it’s hypoallergenic—super durable and doesn’t corrode or scratch. Platinum is very rare, and it’s mostly sought after, which makes it the most expensive material for men’s wedding rings.


Gold wedding rings are versatile, and classic, and are in various styles. Gold rings can come in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold— each of which has its beauty. However, gold isn’t very durable; the purer a gold band is, the more vulnerable it becomes.


Titanium is a very strong material for men’s wedding bands especially for those who live active lifestyles. This ring material doesn’t corrode, scratch, or rust, plus it is extremely lightweight, hypoallergenic, and very affordable to buy. However, this ring material can’t be resized once it’s made.

Wrapping Up

There are lots of men’s wedding band styles and designs on the market, and you’ll be spoilt with several options. To make your search easier, choose from the list of the best and trendy wedding bands for men in this post. Check each of them out; there will be at least one of them that strikes your fancy.