A good outfit is more than just your regular shirt, pants, and shoes. Men’s accessories pull your look together and make you pop out in the crowd. So, what are they? Men’s accessories are small items added to your shirt and pants to improve your style, reflect your personality, and create an excellent first impression.

Traditionally, accessories were a luxury only the rich can afford. But this isn’t the case in modern society as accessories are available and affordable to everyone. While you can still find expensive gold or diamond-coated accessories, there are also affordable options without the fancy additions yet still have that rich vibe to them. Some of them are listed below, read more to learn more.

  1. Wallets

A wallet is a must-have accessory for men, despite the availability of digital wallets and online payments.

A good-quality wallet helps add a taste of luxury to your style and also helps keep your documents safe. Items you can keep in your wallet include cash, credit cards, travel documents, and other personal belongings.

However, choosing a wallet can be overwhelming, given the many types of wallets made of different materials. The main types include aluminum, leather, and plastic wallets. Aluminum wallets are small in size and can’t be folded, making them ideal for traveling outdoors as they can’t be damaged easily.

Examples include wallets from Ridge and others; these aluminum wallets have RFID-blocking properties that prevent high-tech bulgars from accessing your credit card information. Leather wallets are the most common men’s wallets made from animal hide; they’re durable and versatile.

Examples of leather wallets are slim ID, bifold, and travel wallets. Plastic wallets are made from synthetic materials. They’re available in various designs and are more affordable than other wallet types.

If you need these aluminum wallets, leather, or plastic, consider shopping for them online and getting them delivered to your home.

  1. Wrist Watches

A wristwatch is an essential accessory every gentleman should add to his collection. Watches not only help you stick to your schedules but also help portray your sense of fashion.

Many assume they don’t need a watch because they can check the time on their phones. However, taking out your phone regularly to confirm the time can make you appear rude and desperate, especially during office meetings or dinner dates.

Furthermore, people are advised to keep their phones concealed on occasions such as at the beach, gym, or at a wedding. In such cases, a wristwatch is a classier and more convenient way to check the time. When checking the time from your phone, you’re bound to be distracted. That’s why you should have a watch to avoid your phone’s distractions.    

  1. Ties

A suit accessory that every man should have is a tie. Though small, the accessory is crucial in the overall look of a man’s suit. In many industries, a tie is a mandatory accessory of your dress code as it dictates class and professionalism. Nonetheless, it can be overwhelming to settle for the right collection with different types of ties available.

The most common tie types are necktie, bow tie, ascot and cravat. Plus, you have to consider the size, material, and color coordination. Failing to consider such factors makes you choose the wrong tie that takes away from your suit.

Tie patterns are also essential things to consider, whether you’re wearing a tie to work or on other special occasions. A tie can take your suit to another level with a simple pattern change. As a rule of thumb, consider owning different tie patterns in your wardrobe.

The most common tie patterns are plain or solid ties, striped ties, tartan or check ties, geometric pattern ties, paisley ties, novelty ties, floral ties, and polka dot ties.

  1. Caps

A cap is a type of hat that elevates personal style and protects the head from external elements such as rain, dust, or sun. A nice cap should offer comfort and meet your needs. Therefore, before settling for specific caps, consider the color and material.

When it comes to color, choose caps that complement your outfits, and if possible, have multiple caps of different colors. Men’s cap materials include cotton, nylon, and polyester fabric. Cotton caps are the most preferred because they’re durable, soft, breathable, and safe from skin irritations or allergies.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential accessory that instantly elevates a man’s outfit. They also protect your eyes from the sun and dust. But choosing the right sunglasses isn’t a walk in the park. You must consider factors such as facial shape, frame shape, and skin tone to get glasses that compliment your face.

Your face shape falls into the following face types: Round, oval, diamond-shaped, square-shaped, and heart-shaped face. If you have a square-shaped face, settle for round or oval frames.

Round faces look great with rectangular or geometric frames. Heart-shaped faces are great in aviator, round, or oval frames, while oval shapes are complemented with square, rectangular, or geometric frames.


These are some essential accessories to have in a man’s wardrobe. This is because you can’t be a fashionista without fashion accessories. Just remember to be versatile rather than sticking to one piece of accessory. Nonetheless, don’t over-accessorize either as this is a common mistake that people make.