Bike lights are important for road visibility when driving at night. Some even provide directional signals when turning into corners to prevent accidents. Whereas, the Beryl Laserlight Core provides an alert every time a cyclist is in a driver’s blind spot.

This device is “the world’s safest bike light.” It is mounted on the bike’s handlebar to help with road visibility when in vehicle blind spots. It projects an image of the cyclist 6m in front of the bike using patented laser technology that makes the rider up to 32 percent more visible to other road commuters.

A simple click turns on the green light projection to give other drivers and pedestrians a heads-up at junctions. This bike light thus lessens the chance of a head-on collision or other road accident involving the blind spot.

This device also has a day flash mode that beams out 400 lumens of white light for optimum visibility even during the day, and its side lens provides a halo that’s visible from over 180 degrees.

The Laserlight Core is IP54 waterproof, which makes it safe to use in winter and wet days. It is compact and lightweight at 100g with its silicone bracket and only 91g without it. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that provides up to 41 hours of illumination.

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Photos Courtesy of Beryl