Products carrying the Bang & Olufsen badge are by no means cheap run-of-the-mill items. The Danish company is renowned for its top-notch audio quality and craftsmanship. Its latest project integrates elements from esteemed French leather maker Berluti. The two brands may specialize in different fields, but the Berluti x Bang & Olufsen collection says otherwise.

Bang & Olufsen already uses premium materials for its ever-growing lineup, but it doesn’t mean Berluti’s input is not welcome. Thus, the exclusive six-piece capsule includes popular models that have undergone a classy makeover.

Longtime users are still getting the signature sound but in a new package. The Beoplay H95 Berluti Edition trades Bang & Olufsen’s selection of leather for the Venezia and its refined TDM Intenso patina. The aluminum surfaces on each side feature engravings of the two brands.

Those seeking a more portable audio option can go for the Beosound A1 2nd gen Berluti Edition in grey mist with the leather maker’s logo on the speaker grille. A dark brown calf leather cord with an aluminum tag is there for portability.

The Berluti x Bang & Olufsen collection also offers a canvas and leather pouch that could fit the Bluetooth speaker or ANC headphones. Now, let’s move on to something that’s not as portable as the previous two. The Beosound Balance is already a stunning home speaker.

The addition of Berluti’s Venezia leather wrapped around the wooden bases makes it even better. A darker speaker grille fabric matches the tone to give it an elegant appearance. Finally, headlining the Berluti x Bang & Olufsen collection is the Beolab 90 and Beovision Harmony.

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Images courtesy of Bang & Olufsen