Fans of sea vessels that defy conventional design would love what Bering Yachts just unveiled. Don’t get the wrong idea here because the Bering 72 (B72) makes up for its menacing profile with luxurious features and exceptional capabilities. The builder classifies this ship under its Explorer catalog. Furthermore, they consider it as the spiritual successor of their popular B65 platform.

Drawing data and performance metrics from the three B65 out there, the trio appear to have already proven themselves. Sailing through all manner of sea conditions with approximately over 100,000 nautical miles recorded, Bering Yachts believes they have a winning formula right there.

Thus, they are borrowing a bulk of its predecessor’s technologies and endowing them on the B72. Given that sailing conditions could suddenly change in a heartbeat, nobody wants to compromise safety.

Bering Yachts wants owners to have the best experience out there. Hence, they can customize this craft according to what the buyer needs. Before we dive deeper into what this steel-hulled explorer brings to the table, let’s check out its specifications.

The length measures 72 feet with a waterline number at 66 feet and a 19.7-foot beam. Propulsion comes from two Cummins QSL 9 326 HP engines for a cruising speed of 8 to 10 knots maximum.

The B72 has a 4,500-gallon fuel capacity good for 5,000 nautical miles at 7 knots. Now that we know the details, let move on to the creature comforts and more. The three-deck configuration gives buyers more space to work with.

By default, the main deck of the B72 is where you can find the pilothouse, salon, and galley. As for the lower deck, Bering Yachts says the standard layout has a full-beam master suite along with three guest cabins. Finally, we have the boat deck with space to hold one large and two smaller tenders.

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Images courtesy of Bering Yachts