Smart speakers are becoming a crucial part of a smart home ecosystem. What makes these devices so versatile is the hands-free technology each model relies on. Amazon and Google are the top choices for consumers right now, with Apple and Samsung trailing behind. Our only gripe with these gadgets are the uninspired designs and materials used during construction. Bang & Olufsen will soon change that with the Beosound 2 and we can clearly see why.

One look at this stunning speaker will tell you that the design is on an upscale level. You won’t see plastic or any of the cheap stuff here. Instead, the Beosound 2 is crafted out of aluminum to give it a premium finish worthy of being a decorative centerpiece.

Its design produces 360-degree audio courtesy of the brand’s Acoustic Lens Technology. This means the speaker can easily fill any room with the music or sound of your choice. Unfortunately, unlike the Beosound 1, it does not have a battery for portable playback.

Moreover, the compatibility with Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2 means you have a flexible Bluetooth speaker on your hands. Earlier, we were talking about voice control support. The Beosound 2 is just a command away with Google Assistant on board.

We hope Bang & Olufsen eventually add more support for various smart home devices in future models. The Beosound 2 comes in three colorways: Natural, Bronze Tone, and Brass Tone, It won’t really matter which one you pick since all them look stunning.

Get it here – $2,250

Images courtesy of Bang & Olufsen